JICA Activities

Activities spearheaded by JICA

JICA will address Digital for Development (D4D) challenges through utilizing Japanese knowledge and technologies, as well as co-creating innovative solutions with counterpart countries and other partners.

Mainstreaming DX for effective Official Development Assistance (ODA)

It is possible to attain better development impacts through incorporating digital technologies into various different development activities to enable positive transformations in the developing countries. JICA is committed to enhance cooperation effectiveness and to create new values in various different fields through mainstreaming the digital technology.

More specifically, JICA will increase the developmental and transformational impact of JICA's support area and field through employing appropriate digital technologies and using data (Supporting digitalization and Digital Transformation (DX) of development projects).


Improvement of ICT Ecosystem
- Support the development of public ICT infrastructure to leverage private business sectors.

Reinforcement of Cyber Security
- Foster Human Resource and Institutional Capacity Building for public and private sectors.

Development of human resources and industries for promotion of DX
-Train champions of digitalization who can lead DX in their countries and exchange knowledge with partner countries.

Establishing foundation for digitization

For the developing countries to prosper from the digital economy, it is essential for the people to connect to the Internet and have access to services that cater to individual's "wants" in safe and secure manner. In order to achieve this objective, JICA has supported and will continue to support establishment of ubiquitous and stable ICT infrastructure to connect more people to the Internet, and support the development of human resources and the creation of new digitalized industries. Moreover, JICA has been training human resources in the cyber security field in more than 30 countries and this work will continue to further strengthening cyber security globally.

In these collaborations, JICA will continue to work actively with private sectors, civil societies, academia, and Governments to create ‘co-innovation ecosystem in the digital area,' where both developing countries and Japan could benefits from, and to help build a safe and trusted digital space with the concept of ‘Data Free Flow with Trust' (DFFT); creating an ecosystem and relationship that will help all to prosper.