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Overview of JICA Bonds

Profile of JICA Bonds

Missions of JICA

  • Addressing the Global Agenda
  • Reducing poverty through equitable growth
  • Improving Governance
  • Achieving Human Security and Quality Growth

Robust ties with GOJ & Financial soundness

  • 100% owned by Government of Japan : GOJ
  • High capital ratio 79.92% thanks to USD 79.9 bn capital contribution from GOJ (as of March 31st, 2017)
  • Sole agency implementing Official Develop Assistance as an arm of GOJ

Credit ratings = GOJ ratings

  • A+ Stable S&P
  • AA+ Negative R&I

JICA Bond - Use of proceeds & Project evaluation

  • Basic infrastructure, social services & etc., in developing countries through sovereign loans (Official Development Assistance Loans) and private sector investment finance
  • Projects selected under cabinet decision "Development Cooperation Charter"
  • Sustainable Development Goals : SDGs adopted at the UN Summit 2015 is in line with the charter

JICA Bond - Management of proceeds

  • Managed under Finance and Investment Account & segregated from other JICA operations
  • Subject to be audited by The board of Audit of Japan & independent auditor

JICA Bond - Reporting & Monitoring

  • Monitored on site by 96 offices in abroad receiving progress report for each project from the recipient
  • Upon completion, ex-post evaluation is conducted for all projects in principle and the results can be found on website

JICA Bond as Social Bond


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