From the Field
Election Coverage Seminar for Journalists in Nepal for Its First Local Elections in 20 Years

August 16, 2017
With the end of civil war in 2006 and establishment of a new national constitution in 2015, things are now in motion in Nepal toward democratization. The first and the second local-level elections were held on May 14 and June 28, and the third are scheduled for September 18.

From the Field
Japanese Electronic Customs System Ties ASEAN Together, Smoothing Logistics and Benefiting the Japanese Economy, Too

August 4, 2017
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations got a new start as the ASEAN Community on Dec. 31, 2015. All member countries are aiming to abolish tariffs in the region by 2018 and develop further as one giant community.

From the Field
The AUN/SEED-Net project: 17 years of partnership between engineering universities in ASEAN and Japan, and growth through intellectual dividends

August 2, 2017
A JICA project in the ASEAN region is working to improve the capacity of university faculty members in 10 engineering fields, including civil and environmental engineering, and to return the dividends of research to the region in the form of socioeconomic development.

From the Field
10 Years After JICA assisted the construction of 2nd Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge, Japanese Firms Build Factories, Invigorating Laotian Economy

July 31, 2017
The East-West Economic Corridor runs through the center of Mainland Southeast Asia. It increases the connectivity of the land of multiple ASEAN countries with a single road running from Da Nang, Vietnam, in the east, through Laos and Thailand and to Mawlamyaing, Myanmar, to the west.


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