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March 30, 2009World Water Summit Attracts 30,000 Participants, Including Strong Japanese Delegation, to Tackle Worsening Global Crisis
March 19, 2009Japanese Experts Help Identify 'The 100 Most Pressing Water Related Issues of Our Time.'
March 13, 2009Identifying “The 100 Most Pressing Water Related Issues of Our Time.”
March 13, 2009Facts and Figures
March 12, 2009Helping the World’s Poorest People Get Enough to Eat
March 12, 2009Africa’s Green Revolution
March 9, 2009The World Faces Another Crisis – “A Terrible Tide of Increasing Hunger”
March 9, 2009Emergency Supplies En Route to Colombia after Heavy Flooding
March 6, 2009JICA President Mrs. Sadako Ogata is Appointed Special Envoy for Prime Minister Aso to Afghanistan and Pakistan


February 25, 2009What is the Future of One of the World’s Most Important Eco Systems?
February 10, 2009Emergency Supplies en Route to the Solomon Islands after Heavy Rains and Widespread Flooding Devastate Region.
February 19, 2009Emergency Supplies Sent to Bolivia by JICA after Dengue Fever Strikes the Latin American Country
February 5, 2009As Part of its Ongoing Efforts to Expand Assistance to Developing African Nations, JICA Opens Field Office in Liberia
February 5, 2009JICA Alumni Prepare Preliminary Study of the Needs of Gaza Civilians


January 16, 2009Emergency Supplies En route to the Fiji Islands Following Days of Heavy Rains and Flooding
January 13, 2009Reintegrating Afghanistan’s Poorest Women into Mainstream Society
January 9, 2009JICA Must Seek 'Innovation and Creativity' to Help Tackle World's Ongoing Global Crises
January 5, 2009Some 10,000 Delegates Meet to Tackle One of Africa's Most Intractable Problems


December 19, 2008Emergency Supplies En Route after Abnormally High Tides Hit Papua New Guinea
December 10, 2008JICA and ASEAN leaders discuss mutual cooperation and regional issues
December 5, 2008Major Conference on HIV/AIDS in Africa Underway in Senegal, Attended by Large JICA Delegation.
December 4, 2008Major Adverse Effects on Africa’s Economic Development Predicted


November 28, 2008Large JICA Presence at International Conference Examining HIV/AIDS in Africa
November 28, 2008Emergency Supplies Being Sent to Panama After Torrential Rains Batter Country
November 26, 2008JICA Embarks on an Ambitious Intellectual Exercise
November 6, 2008New Airport Terminal Built with Japanese Assistance Opens in Kabul


October 31, 2008JICA Working Vigorously to Strengthen Development Assistance to Africa
October 31, 2008Pakistan Earthquake Victims to Receive Assistance from JICA
October 28, 2008Emergency Supplies Being Sent to Flood Devastated Yemen
October 23, 2008JICA Dispatches Emergency Supplies to Honduras
October 16, 2008JICA Sends Emergency Supplies to Kyrgyzstan in Wake of Powerful Earthquake
October 15, 2008New Solutions Needed to Help Hundreds of Millions of the World’s Poorest People, According to JICA President
October 15, 2008‘Paradise’ Imperiled: Pollution and Preservation
October 15, 2008The News Was “Really Frightning.”
October 3, 2008JICA Says It Will Open New Office in Iraq Soon to Help That Country Try to Recover from Years of War
October 1, 2008New JICA is Born. The Challenges Ahead for Japan's Development Assistance


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