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March 30, 2010JICA Sends Emergency Supplies to Pacific Island Chain of Fiji in Wake of Cyclone
March 30, 2010JICA Cooperates with Chile on Earthquake Reconstruction and Future Disaster Protection
March 24, 2010A Major Milestone is Reached in Rebuilding West African Country After Years of Civil War
March 17, 2010JICA Is Working on a New Development Model for Agriculture in Africa
March 12, 2010JICA Announces Plans to Help Chile in Its Long-term Reconstruction Following the Recent Massive Earthquake
March 12, 2010Learning the Lessons of the East
March 10, 2010A Winning Habit
March 9, 2010JICA Sends Emergency Supplies to Help Victims of Chile’s Recent Earthquake.


February 10, 2010Asian Countries Tackle Problem of Rising Water Demands in Urban Areas
February 3, 2010Tackling One of the World’s Most Notorious, but Lucrative, Crimes


January 27, 2010 Japanese Civilian and Self Defense Force Medical Experts Help Victims at the Epicenter of Haiti’s Earthquake
January 22, 2010Turning Oil and Avocado into Profits
January 20, 2010Japanese Medical Experts Help Victims at the Epicenter of Haiti’s Earthquake
January 20, 2010Natural Disasters Cause More Death and Destruction than Armed Conflicts
January 19, 2010Japan Joins International Relief Efforts to Help Survivors of Haiti’s Devastating Earthquake
January 19, 2010One of World’s Ancient Wonders Learns Modern Japanese Transportation Techniques


December 15, 2009JICA Underlines Its Long-Term Commitment to the Concepts of South-South and Triangular Cooperation
December 8, 2009JICA Shared Opinions with China to Work Closely Together in Three Key Development Areas
December 7, 2009A Call for Closer Bilateral and International Development Ties between China and Japan
December 7, 2009Critical Support for Filipino Farmers
December 4, 2009Japan and China Should Foster Closer Development Links
December 3, 2009A Full Round of Talks was scheduled in Beijing for JICA President
December 1, 2009JICA President Continues China Visit, Moving to the Northeast Jilin Province
December 1, 2009JICA and Climate Change: From the Latest Satellite Technology to Wind Farms in Africa
December 1, 2009JICA and Climate Change


November 30, 2009In Northeastern China, JICA President Visits Medical Facilities, Meets Key Personnel
November 27, 2009JICA President Sadako Ogata Visits China
November 27, 2009Helping to Fight Piracy on the High Seas
November 12, 2009JICA President Emphasizes Closer Cooperation Between Japan and Germany in Times of Unprecedented Crisis.
November 12, 2009JICA Sends Emergency Supplies to El Salvador Following Devastating Heavy Rains


October 30, 2009On the Ground in Iraq
October 16, 2009JICA Sending Emergency Supplies to Laos and Bhutan to Help Natural Disaster Victims
October 16, 2009Fresh Steps Towards Africa’s Green Revolution
October 16, 2009It is a Region Rich in History, Culture and Conflict. But the Mekong Countries face Daunting Challenges
October 16, 2009And The Population Is...
October 8, 2009Responding To Series of Natural Disasters, Japan’s Emergency Relief System Experiences One of Busiest Times in Its History.
October 6, 2009Japan’s Disaster Relief System Experiences One of the Busiest Periods in Its History.
October 5, 2009Japan Rescuers Comb Wreckage of Hotels with Sniffer Dogs Searching for Survivors of Indonesia's Latest Devastating Earthquake.
October 1, 2009Japan Sends Major Rescue and Medical Teams to Help Survivors of Indonesia Earthquake.


September 30, 2009JICA Sends Emergency Assistance to The Philippines as Massive Winds and Rain Continue to Batter the Pacific Region.


May 27, 2009Trouble Lurks Beneath the Surface in Paradise
May 1, 2009Japan Helps Mexico Combat the Effects of Flu Outbreak by Sending Emergency Supplies to Central American Country


April 17, 2009Producing More Food? That May Not Be a Good Idea.


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