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March 24, 2011JICA Continues Support for One of the Biggest Humanitarian Operations in Japan's History
March 24, 2011Condolences From Around the World Pour in Following the March 11 Earthquake and Tsunami
March 15, 2011JICA Provides Facilities in Wake of Friday's Earthquake. Hundreds of Trainees from Developing Countries are Safe
March 14, 2011The Japan International Cooperation Agency expresses its deepest condolences to the victims and families of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami
March 3, 2011Cameroon: Preventing Another Deadly Explosion at Cameroon's Lake Nyos
March 3, 2011Rwanda: An Important Milestone in Rwanda's Economic Modernization
March 1, 2011New Zealand: Japan Sends Fresh Group of Aid Officials to assist in New Zealand's Earthquake Disaster


February 23, 2011Chile: Protecting Chile from Future Earthquakes and Tsunamis
February 23, 2011New Zealand: Japan Sending Dozens of Rescue Workers, Doctors, Nurses and Coordinators to New Zealand Earthquake Disaster
February 17, 2011Nicaragua: Helping to Combat Violence and Crime in Nicaragua
February 9, 2011Burkina Faso: Another World Food Crisis Looms, Particularly in Developing Countries


January 24, 2011Thailand: Missing – Four Million Health Care Workers in Developing Countries
January 20, 2011Brazil: Combating an Ancient Scourge of Mankind – Mercury Poisoning
January 20, 2011Moldova: Strengthening Moldova's ‘Backbone'
January 18, 2011Sri Lanka: JICA Dispatches Emergency Supplies to Sri Lanka
January 7, 2011Haiti: One Year Later, JICA Continues to Assist Haiti in Wake of Catastrophic Earthquake


December 20, 2010JICA Sends Emergency Supplies to Flood-Hit Venezuela
December 20, 2010Helping to Tackle Brazil's Homicide Problem
December 10, 2010JICA Sending Emergency Supplies to Rain-Ravaged Columbia


November 29, 2010South-South Cooperation More Important Than Ever
November 25, 2010The Two-Way Benefits of Higher Education in Science and Technology
November 24, 2010From the Tropical Forests of Indonesia to the Highlands of Rwanda
November 24, 2010Searching for Better Agricultural Harvests in Viet Nam
November 19, 2010Improving Global Health – Continuing American-Japanese Cooperation
November 19, 2010An Elixir of the Ancient Gods – Now an Important Crop in Paraguay
November 19, 2010What To Do About the ‘Ozone Hole'
November 16, 2010A Unique Forestry Project in Kenya
November 15, 2010An Endangered Female Orphan is Enjoying a New and Safe Life
November 12, 2010As Adverse Weather Conditions Batter Regions Around the World, JICA Sends Emergency Supplies to Central America and Africa
November 12, 2010A Liberian Hospital Survives the War and Rebuilds Itself
November 10, 2010JICA Sends Assistance to Two Regions Stricken by Natural Disaster a Half World Away from Each Other
November 4, 2010A Milestone in Africa's Efforts to Produce More Food
November 2, 2010A Happy Ending in the ‘Village of Problems.'
November 2, 2010Tackling Unemployment in a Palestinian Village
November 2, 2010Putting More Rice on the Table in Cambodia
November 2, 2010After Nagoya – What Next for the Japan International Cooperation Agency?
November 2, 2010A New Legal System for Nepal


October 29, 2010JICA Sending Emergency Supplies to Benin in Wake of Heavy Rains and Floods
October 28, 2010Emergency Supplies Being Sent by JICA to Help Combat Cholera Outbreak in Haiti
October 27, 2010Exploring the Links between the World's Biodiversity Crisis and Poverty Alleviation
October 26, 2010JICA Commits to Greater Participation in Fighting the Global Biodiversity Crisis
October 26, 2010"Achieving Poverty Alleviation through Biodiversity Conservation"
October 26, 2010JICA Sends Emergency Supplies to Stricken Parts of Central Viet Nam
October 25, 2010Answers From Africa to Some of the World's Biodiversity Challenges
October 25, 2010Challenges Facing the World's Emerging Cities
October 18, 2010The World's Biodiversity is in Crisis. How to Respond
October 15, 2010JICA President Discusses Development Issues on Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan
October 8, 2010JICA President Discusses Development Issues with World Bank and USAID Leaders
October 5, 2010Hanoi Marks its 1000th Anniversary


September 24, 2010JICA Outlines its Position on U.N. Millennium Development Goals during New York Meeting
September 21, 2010African Nations for the First Time Adopt Common Strategy to Combat Biodiversity loss
September 17, 2010Japan Pledges Ongoing Assistance to Africa to Help Combat Biodiversity Loss and Outlines Key Strategies
September 17, 2010At a Dangerous Time for the World, Japan Pledges Support to Developing Countries to Tackle Biodiversity Problems.
September 16, 2010Africa Meets to Forge Common Voice on Biodiversity Challenges
September 10, 2010JICA Sends Additional Emergency Supplies as Pakistan Continues to Battle Nationwide Flooding
September 9, 2010So Much Water: But Not Enough to Drink
September 7, 2010JICA Expected to Strengthen Ties with Key Institutions in China and Korea
September 6, 2010A Bold Plan to Fight Illiteracy in Pakistan's Punjab Region
September 3, 2010JICA President Discusses Bilateral Cooperation with Korean Counterpart
September 1, 2010Japan to Dispatch Emergency Medical Team to Pakistan as that Country Continues to Battle Widespread Floods
September 1, 2010JICA President Visits Korea and China


August 27, 2010JICA Sends Additional Emergency Supplies as Pakistan Continues to Battle Nationwide Flooding
August 20, 2010The Seminar on China-Japan Partnership on Africa Development
August 12, 2010Establishing a New Economic Era in East Africa
August 4, 2010JICA Joins International Efforts to Help Pakistan Flood Victims
August 2, 2010To Bhutan from Japan – Via the Philippines


July 30, 2010Another Milestone for the World's Largest Archaeological Museum
July 22, 2010A New Market? Two-Thirds of the World's Population
July 16, 2010Helping the ‘Hidden Victims' of Earthquake
July 8, 2010A New ‘First' in India
July 7, 2010JICA Explores Assistance to Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon


June 23, 2010JICA Establishes Field Office in Haiti to Help Reconstruction
June 22, 2010Emergency Supplies Dispatched to Myanmar in Wake of Heavy Rains in the Region
June 18, 2010Taming the ‘Kissing Bug.'
June 18, 2010A Win-Win Situation
June 18, 2010New Initiatives in Refugee Emergencies
June 17, 2010As World Faces Meltdown of Flora and Fauna JICA Increases Biodiversity Activities
June 4, 2010With Japanese Help, a New Dawn for Higher Education in Egypt
June 4, 2010JICA Sends Emergency Supplies to Storm-Devastated Central American States of Guatemala and Honduras
June 3, 2010A Dream Turns into a Reality


May 28, 2010With Japanese Help, a New Dawn for Higher Education in Egypt
May 26, 2010A Japanese Success Story Applied to Africa
May 26, 2010Steady Progress in Efforts to Double Africa's Rice Production
May 20, 2010JICA Outlines Six Major Priorities for Its Assistance to Africa
May 14, 2010"All Roads Lead to Rome" – and Now to Kathmandu as Well


April 27, 2010The End of an Era in Bolivia and Paraguay
April 26, 2010JICA President Flies to South Africa After Major Speech on Prevention of Mass Violence in Asia
April 23, 2010Conditions in Asia are "brighter than ever" but governments must be cautious, JICA President says.
April 19, 2010Seeking New Development Solutions in a Globalized World
April 6, 2010JICA USAID Encourage South South Cooperation
April 2, 2010A Major Milestone is Reached in Rebuilding West African Country After Years of Civil War
April 1, 2010The Continent Marks a Major Milestone – Both Problems and Hope Lie Ahead


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