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March 30, 2012JICA President Mrs. Sadako Ogata visits Egypt and Tunisia
March 28, 2012The Reflections of Mrs. Sadako Ogata, JICA's Retiring President
March 21, 2012A Town in Need
March 13, 2012JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to the Republic of Congo
March 9, 2012Sharing Tsunami and Reconstruction Experiences
March 9, 2012"You Cannot Create Peace on an Empty Stomach."
March 8, 2012What to Do About the Horn of Africa
March 8, 2012Working at the Forefront of Post-tsunami Reconstruction
March 7, 2012After Conflict in Africa: What Next?
March 5, 2012It Was the Worst Natural Disaster in Japan's Modern History
March 2, 2012Tackling Human Trafficking in the Mekong Subregion


February 29, 2012Human Security and Universal Health Coverage
February 29, 2012JICA President Visits Indonesia
February 17, 2012JICA and India Cooperate to Help African Road Construction
February 6, 2012JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Cyclone-hit Mozambique


January 30, 2012Helping to Transform India's Cities
January 27, 2012JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Flood-stricken Fiji
January 23, 2012Working with Brazil for Mozambican Healthcare
January 13, 2012The ‘Cradle of Civilization' Offers ‘Golden' Opportunities for Japanese Corporations
January 10, 20122011: It Was a Very Turbulent Year


December 28, 2011JICA President Visits Thailand
December 28, 2011Preventing Future Flooding in Thailand
December 27, 2011It Was "A Very Trying Year."
December 26, 2011Asia-Pacific Countries Share Disaster Management Lessons
December 22, 2011JICA Works with Indonesia to Help Palestinian Business Development
December 20, 2011JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Typhoon-hit Philippines
December 20, 2011Helping to Strengthen Myanmar's Economic Capabilities
December 15, 2011And the Award Goes To…
December 13, 2011South-South and Triangular Cooperation
December 8, 2011JICA Expands Its Operations in Cote d'Ivoire
December 5, 2011JICA to Issue Retail Bonds to Investors
December 2, 2011Further assistance is required for reconstruction in post-conflict countries
December 1, 2011Within the Next 20 Years, for the First Time in History, Africa Will Become a Predominantly Urban Society


November 30, 2011Dakar, an Ancient City Facing a Decidedly Modern Challenge: Rapid Urbanization
November 29, 2011African and Asian Countries Examine the Challenges and Opportunities of Rapid Urbanization
November 28, 2011Encouraging Private Sector Investment in African Rice Production
November 28, 2011African urbanization: Challenges and Opportunities
November 25, 2011JICA Sends Agricultural Survey Teams to Flood-stricken Thailand and Cambodia
November 21, 2011More Experts and Drain Pump Vehicles En Route to Flood-Stricken Thailand
November 21, 2011Combatting Climate Change in Africa
November 21, 2011The Fallout from the Libyan Revolution
November 9, 2011JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Viet Nam to Help Combat Flooding
November 9, 2011JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Nicaragua Following Heavy Rains
November 4, 2011JICA Sends Drainage Experts to Flood-Stricken Thailand
November 1, 2011JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Viet Nam to Help Combat Flooding


October 31, 2011JICA Sends Emergency Survey Team to Flood-Stricken Thailand
October 31, 2011Protecting Millions of Pilgrims to the Hajj
October 27, 2011JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Myanmar in the Wake of Flash Floods
October 27, 2011JICA, Natural Disasters, Climate Change: An Extremely Busy Time
October 27, 2011JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Nicaragua Following Heavy Rains
October 27, 2011JICA Sends Airport Experts to Flood-Stricken Thailand
October 26, 2011JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Quake-hit Turkey
October 26, 2011JICA Sends Water Utility and Underground Railway Experts to Flood-Stricken Thailand
October 25, 2011JICA, Natural Disasters, Climate Change
October 21, 2011JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Honduras Following Heavy Rains
October 19, 2011JICA Sends Further Emergency Supplies and a Survey Team to Flood-Stricken Thailand
October 18, 2011JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to El Salvador Which Suffers from Heavy Rains
October 18, 2011A ‘New' Gateway for the Himalayan Nation of Nepal
October 14, 2011JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Tuvalu Which Suffers from the Pacific Drought
October 14, 2011‘Two-faces of Asia': Forum Discusses Sustainable Development in Low-Income Asian Economies
October 12, 2011A Fabled Land in Crisis
October 11, 2011JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Cambodia and Thailand Following Widespread Rains and Floods
October 7, 2011Latin America: A Continent in Transition
October 6, 2011JICA President Discusses Development Issues on the Arab Spring and the Horn of Africa


September 29, 2011How to Help Victims of Conflict and Natural Disaster: Closing the Infamous "Gap"
September 15, 2011Closer Ties Urged Between Japan and ASEAN Countries
September 12, 2011JICA Sending Emergency Supplies to Pakistan Following Devastating Rains and Floods
September 8, 2011JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Help Refugees from Famine-Hit Areas in the Horn of Africa
September 2, 2011How to Help as Many as 80 Million People
September 2, 2011While Millions Enjoy the Arab Spring, Palestinians Are Increasingly Frustrated.
September 2, 2011Scarred by War – and Garbage
September 1, 2011Africa's Food Crisis: Helping to Boost Rice Production


August 18, 2011A New Civil Code for Cambodia is Readied as Another Major Milestone is Reached
August 15, 2011After the Arab Spring, the Hard Work of Establishing Viable Democracies in the Middle East
August 9, 2011JICA Provides Emergency Supplies to Help Refugees from Famine-Hit Areas in the Horn of Africa


July 27, 2011Rebuilding Afghanistan – Fighting Corruption
July 19, 2011Commissioning One of the World's First Gas-Solar Energy Power Plants in Egypt
July 14, 2011Indonesia: Eliminating the Bottlenecks to Economic Growth
July 5, 2011Sudan: An Ancient Land: An Uncertain Future
July 5, 2011Sudan: Former Ghost Town Becomes World's Newest Capital City
July 5, 2011Sudan: Honeymooners…and a Million Problems
July 5, 2011New Vision is Needed to Help Developing Nations More Effectively


June 24, 2011JICA President Completes Five-Day Pacific Visit
June 16, 2011JICA President Visits Pacific Island Countries
June 7, 2011Ministerial Follow-Up Meeting Reaffirms Commitment to the World's Most Vulnerable People
June 2, 2011Forum Discusses Asia's Role in Global Development Community


May 26, 2011JICA To Dispatch Emergency Supplies to Namibia in Wake of Floods
May 17, 2011JICA – ADB – AFD Joint Seminar
May 10, 2011China: New Friendships and Help Forged Amidst Massive Tragedy
May 6, 2011JICA Sends Emergency Supplies to Stricken Parts of the United States
May 3, 2011Future African Growth Must Be More Inclusive, Sustainable, Economically, Socially and Environmentally Balanced
May 2, 2011Japan to Highlight Disaster Relief Management for Africa Following its March 11 Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster
May 2, 2011The Importance of South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Africa's Economic Development


April 28, 2011World Has Reached a New Watershed in the Aftermath of Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster
April 28, 2011Reviewing Africa's Economic and Social Progress
April 26, 2011The World's Largest Training Program Continues Despite Recent Catastrophe
April 25, 2011Congo: Bringing Stability to One of Africa's Biggest Countries
April 8, 2011Brazil: Chocolate from the Amazon Rain Forest
April 6, 2011Helping Afghanistan's Disabled Children


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