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November 7, 2014

Tanzania Road Project Drastically Cuts Travel Time
Expansion of New Bagamoyo Road from two to four lanes will alleviate severe congestion

photoLugalo Bridge after construction

A ceremony Oct. 1 in Tanzania marked the re-opening of Mwenge-Tegeta section of the New Bagamoyo Road, which was widened through the now complete JICA grant aid project “Project for Widening of New Bagamoyo Road.”

The project upgraded the 12.9 kilometer section of road from two to four lanes to alleviate severe traffic congestion. Storm water drainage was also improved to ensure smooth traffic flow even during the rainy season.

The road improvement is expected to increase in the average travel speed from 6.5 kilometers per hour in 2009 to 42, and to more than double traffic capacity from 825 to 1,740 vehicles per hour per lane. These improvements will likely shorten the time required to drive that section of the road from two hours to just 20 minutes.

Some difficulties had to be overcome to complete the project. Unexpectedly large amounts of unsuitable soil had to be replaced, and a large rainfall destroyed uncompleted structures, which then had to be rebuilt.

Additionally, to further mitigate severe traffic congestion in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's largest and most prosperous metropolitan area, JICA will support the Gerezani road widening project and Tazara flyover project. Moreover, an outline survey for New Bagamoyo Road (Morocco-Mwenge section) is ongoing.

*The contents of this story is a summary of a press release published by the JICA Tanzania Office. For the original story, please see below.


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