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November 20, 2014

Faisalabad, Pakistan, Curbs Chronic Flood Damage Using Pumps Provided by Japan
The equipment is formally handed over in a ceremony

photoDumping trucks line up at the handing over ceremony

A government agency in Faisalabad, Pakistan, formally took ownership of pumps and other flood mitigation equipment provided by Japan in a ceremony in October.

The city, which with a population of some 3.5 million is the third largest in Pakistan, is chronically afflicted with flooding that hinders daily life. The equipment was provided to Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) Faisalabad as part of the Project for Upgrading of Mechanical System for Sewerage and Drainage Services in WASA Faisalabad.

Under the project, pumps and cleaning equipment have been replaced to reduce flood damage. In the summer of 2010, torrential rains caused the historically worst flood disaster in Pakistan, and there was inundation damage in Faisalabad due to low capacity and a shortage of pumps and cleaning equipment for drainage and sewage.

Mitsuyoshi Kawasaki, chief representative of JICA, said the machinery provided by this project was used in this year’s flood, and mitigated the damage in Faisalabad. He said this project will keep contributing to disaster management in Faisalabad.

The ceremony was attended by Hiroshi Inomata, Japanese ambassador to Pakistan; Kawasaki; Chaudhry Abid Sher Ali, minister of State for Water and Power; Malik Tanveer Aslam Awan, provincial minister for Housing, Urban Development and Public Health Engineering; Syed Zahid Aziz, managing director of WASA Faisalabad; and other government officials.

Japan has given priority to the development of water supply facilities in urban areas of economically and socially important large cities that are now facing drastic population increases. Currently, more than 3 million people are benefiting from the clean drinking water projects and sewerage and drainage projects initiated by JICA.

*The contents of this story is a summary of a press release published by the JICA Pakistan office. For the original story, please see below.


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