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January 22, 2015

JICA Research Institute Fellow Substantiates Importance of Education and Employment for People with Disabilities
His recent book draws on studies from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia and the Philippines


Investments in education and employment for disabled persons are among the most important factors in promoting their social inclusion and economic empowerment.

That was a key finding in a recent book by JICA Research Institute Fellow Kamal Lamichhane. (Associate Professor, the University of Tsukuba, from January 2015)

When people with disabilities get these opportunities, not only does their livelihood improve, so do the prospects of their families and society as a whole, he found.

“Disability, Education and Employment in Developing Countries: From Charity to Investment” was published by Cambridge University Press in January 2015. It was written based on research from developing countries including Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia and the Philippines.

The book brings together for the first time extant empirical research on the returns to investments in education and disability for labor market participation, and as well as on the resulting reductions in poverty and inequality. This type of empirical work on disability is important given the lack of data and research on the topic from low and middle-income countries. It is also timely within the context of post-2015 development agenda discussions, which recognize the need to be more inclusive of persons with disabilities.

Lamichhane himself was born visually impaired in Nepal and deprived of educational opportunities until the age of 12.


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