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January 30, 2015

JICA Educational Efforts Helped Contain Ebola in Nigeria
Japanese helped dispel superstitions in Lagos State


A JICA project to strengthen health services for people living in poverty in Nigeria pivoted to help educate about Ebola just after the disease began spreading there in late July 2014.

The spread of Ebola was discovered in Nigeria just as JICA had begun the Project for Strengthening Pro-Poor Community Health Services in Lagos State.

It was decided that the project would assist with the Ebola countermeasures of the Lagos State Ministry of Health, and it carried out an educational initiative involving pamphlets, posters and radio.
Nigeria has had fewer victims than other countries, with only 20 people infected and eight killed, and its crisis was declared resolved on Oct. 20.

JICA was the only organization assisting with educational activities in the schools of Lagos State.

The project produced 267,000 English pamphlets and 267,000 more in local languages, as well as 6,688 posters for public elementary, middle and high schools and five days' worth of radio broadcasts.

These efforts helped dispel dangerous local superstitions about the disease, such as that infection could be prevented by drinking large quantities of salt water.


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