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March 25, 2015

JICA Medical Team Treats Patients in Vanuatu After Cyclone Pam
Report as of March 23 on the start of clinical examinations

photoThe medical team (from left, Chikako Terada, a nurse, Jiro Oba, a doctor and Eiichi Sato, a doctor) interview another doctor regarding medical needs and problems in Port Vila.
photoOba, center, and Terada verify medical records.
photoOba, right, and Terada observe a hospital in Port Vila.

Following disaster caused by Cyclone Pam in the Republic of Vanuatu, the medical team dispatched by JICA has been divided into two groups. One group started working on Pentecost Island in the north and the other, at the central hospital in Port Vila.

The central hospital is not only for the residents in Port Vila but it also receives patients from outer islands. Asked about medical needs and challenges, doctors and medical personnel at the central hospital mentioned that 19 operations have been performed so far and the number and demand for surgery are gradually increasing. The doctors of the Japan Disaster Relief Medical Team are responding to the need and performing operations while the nurse is assisting in the operation room.

On Pentecost Island, the medical team has opened a clinic within the Mauna Health Post and 39 patients, including pediatric, respiratory and skin irritation cases, have received medical care. Following a request from Gamalmaua, the medical team visited a health post and investigated medical needs there. Because of debris such as fallen trees, the medical team had to walk to the Mauna Health Post, approximately for 40 minutes. Residents requiring medical care were lining up and waiting, and therefore the medical team started examining patients upon arrival. They examined 26 patients in total, many of whom suffered from respiratory ailments caused by prolonged group living or from musculoskeletal pains due to their debris clearance work.


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