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October 4, 2016

Vietnam-Japan University Opens With Aim of Providing World-Class Human Resources

photoThe opening ceremony for the Vietnam-Japan University held on Sept. 9.

Vietnam-Japan University, a joint creation of those two countries, opened on Sept. 9 in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi.

The starting point for the university was a 2010 joint Japanese-Vietnamese statement that included the words "we will consider establishing a high-quality university in Vietnam with the cooperation of Japan." Preparations then began under the leadership of the Japanese and Vietnamese governments under Japan-Vietnam joint human resource development program.

photoThe My Dinh Campus, where master’s program classes began.

To foster students with broad points of view, the university adopted an educational program that is cross-disciplinary, encompassing both literature and science. Japanese universities support its curriculum creation and actual educational and research activities, and half the classes are taught by Japanese faculty. In addition, to deepen understanding of Japanese culture and the Japanese business style, Japanese language education and internships at Japanese companies, some of which are in Vietnam, have been incorporated into the curriculum.

Vietnam-Japan University will play the role of an educational institution that cultivates human resources needed by both Vietnam, which wants to continue sustainable development, and by Japan, where many companies consider Vietnam to be an attractive market. It also aims to produce superior human resources who can play an active role throughout the world.

JICA provided a wide spectrum of assistance including curriculum development, the dispatching teaching staff and university management to establish the master's program that was the first step in the Vietnam-Japan University concept. JICA is also in charge of preliminary surveys for establishing planned bachelor's degree and doctorate programs.

photoA ceremony to introduce the master’s programs was held with JICA’s cooperation in December 2015.

Japan and Vietnam are aiming to realize their plan to make Vietnam-Japan University a new Center of Excellence (a base for the highest level education, research and human resource development) in Vietnam. JICA will support in various ways the development of Vietnam-Japan University, which will contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam and to strengthen the friendship between Japan and Vietnam.

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