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August 21, 2017

Emergency Assistance to Nepal in Response to the Damages caused by the Heavy Rainfall

The Japan International Cooperation Agency will provide emergency relief goods as below in response to the request from the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal regarding the damages incurred from the floods caused by the heavy rainfall.

1. Disaster situation

The floods, which happened after the heavy rainfall since August 11, has been causing serious human and property damage. According to the Government of Nepal, the damage situation as of August 18 was as follows:
Deaths 135 people
Missing 30 people
Injured 41 people
Affected approximately 301,500 families
Evacuees approximately 44,700 families
Damaged houses approximately 9,850 houses

2. Goods supplied

A. Emergency relief goods (from the JICA Singrapore warehouse)
Plastic sheets
Sleeping pads
Water storage tanks

B. Shipping schedule
The goods will be transported from the JICA warehouse in Singapore to Kathmandu on the next available flight.


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