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November 2006A New "Green Revolution"
Africa searches for superior strains of rice to help some of the world's poorest peoples.
November 2006"They Thought I Was Crazy"
Japanese volunteers undergo training for overseas missions.
November 2006Teaching Unpopular Subjects
Some 32 African countries try to improve math and science training for millions of students.
November 2006Focus on Viet Nam
It is one of the world's fastest growing nations and JICA is helping Vietnam realize its full potential with projects ranging from planning the future growth of Hanoi to preserving the country's cultural heritage.


September 2006Focus on Zambia
It is a country rich in mineral resources and wildlife, but also one of grinding poverty and widespread HIV/AIDS. JICA is helping the southern African nation to tackle some of its worst problems.
September 2006Paraguay Commemorates 70 years of Japanese Immigration
Hardships and setbacks have been overcome as the Japanese community of Paraguay celebrates 70 years of emigration to that Latin American country.


August 2006Discovering the Joy of Exercise:
Children's Tennis in Malaysia with Official JICA Supporter Ms. Kimiko Date

Former tennis pro and official JICA supporter Kimiko Date travels to Malaysia to promote sports and athletic activities for people with disabilities.


July 2006Working with the JDR Medical Team to Help Earthquake Victims in My HometownFrançaisEspañol
Desy Endah Wulansari is a program officer at JICA Indonesia Office. Her hometown suffered major damage when a powerful earthquake struck central Java in May 2006.
July 2006China Report: JICA's Efforts to Help Restore China's Environment
Development in modern China, the world's most populous nation and an increasingly important economic power, has placed great strains on the natural environment, and the nation now faces such problems as air and water pollution, erosion, deforestation, and desertification. JICA is involved in a number of cooperative schemes to help China fight and reverse environmental degradation.


June 2006Promoting Ethnic Reconciliation through IT Education
A JICA program in Bosnia and Herzegovina seeks to ease ethnic tensions by bringing students from different backgrounds together for instruction in state-of-the-art technology.
June 2006A New Future for Viet Nam's Domestic Boat People
A centuries-old way of life in Viet Nam's old imperial capital of Hue is slowly coming to an end.


May 2006A New Center for Citizen Participation
JICA opens its Global Plaza headquarters in Tokyo to both educate school children, students, teachers and other citizens and also encourage them to participate in its worldwide development projects.


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