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December 28, 2007Aid Rushed to Sri Lankan Flood Victims (Japan)
December 27, 2007JICA Helps Cambodia Reshape its Legal System (Southeast Asia)
December 19, 2007After a 17-Year Absence, JICA Restarts Assistance to the Battered West African Nation of Liberia (Africa)
December 18, 2007Japan Sends Experts, Supplies following Korean Oil Spill (Japan)
December 13, 2007President Sadako Ogata Visits JICA Health Project in Afghanistan and Meets UN Officials (Middle East)
December 7, 2007Helping Rebuild Bangladesh in Wake of Cyclone Sidr (Japan)
December 7, 2007Studies to Strengthen Viet Nam’s Transport Infrastructure (Japan)


November 26, 2007Emergency Aid to Flood-Ravaged Papua New Guinea (Japan)
November 20, 2007Developing a Conflict Prevention Plan for Africa (Europe)FrançaisEspañol
November 20, 2007Emergency Aid Rushed to Bangladesh in Wake of Cyclone Damage (Japan)
November 16, 2007Reforming Mongolia’s Education System (East Asia)
November 16, 2007Unique Mother and Child Health Handbook to be Distributed in Palestine (Middle East)
November 12, 2007Emergency Aid for Mexico Flood Victims (Japan)
November 8, 2007Emergency Aid to Dominican Republic (Japan)
November 2, 2007Emergency Supplies for Caribbean Victims of Tropical Storm Noel (Japan)
November 2, 2007Focus on Timor-Leste (Southeast Asia)
November 2, 2007Struggling to Overcome Decades of Violence and Civil Unrest (Southeast Asia)


October 22, 2007Japan’s Help to Developing Countries Should Reflect Position as World’s 2nd Biggest Economy (Japan)FrançaisEspañol
October 19, 2007Strengthening Partnerships between JICA and WFP for Supporting Africa (Japan)
October 12, 2007UNRWA Chief Expresses Gratitude for Palestinian Refugee Aid (Japan)
October 9, 2007Exploiting the Treasures of the Shea Tree (Africa)
October 4, 2007Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Central America and the Caribbean)Español
October 1, 2007A Decline in Foreign Development Assistance May be Ending (Japan)


September 25, 2007Mrs. Sadako Ogata Is Reappointed President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (Japan)
September 21, 2007Private Enterprise 'Essential' in Helping Emerging Countries (Japan)
September 21, 2007JICA Rushes Aid to West and East Africa (Africa)
September 19, 2007JICA Sends Aid to Ghana as Floods Sweep Across Africa (Africa)
September 13, 2007Twenty Years of Japanese Emergency Relief Operations Around the World (Japan)
September 13, 2007A History of Japan's Disaster Relief (Japan)
September 12, 2007JICA Helps Peru Rebuild (South America)
September 7, 2007Japan Rushes Emergency Supplies to Victims of Hurricane Felix in Nicaragua (Japan)
September 7, 2007Timor's Growing Pains (Japan)
September 4, 2007Japan to Help Develop Monitoring System for Chile, Scene of World’s Largest Earthquake (Japan)Español


August 31, 2007Helping to Rebuild Southern Sudan (Africa)
August 30, 2007JICA Expands Presence in Africa (Africa)Français
August 29, 2007Galapagos Islands on 'Danger List' (South America)Español
August 29, 2007The Galapagos Islands—at a Glance (South America)Español
August 29, 2007Japan Aids Victims of Peruvian Earthquake and Hurricane Dean (Japan)
August 24, 2007Japan Aids Victims of Peruvian Earthquake and Hurricane Dean in the Caribbean (Japan)
August 21, 2007Japan Aids Victims of Peru’s Earthquake in which Hundreds Died (Japan)
August 10, 2007JICA and World Bank Presidents Hold Wide-Ranging Talks (Japan)FrançaisEspañol
August 1, 2007Change Urgently Needed by Developing Countries in Globalization Trends (Japan)FrançaisEspañol


July 25, 2007Polish Team Studies JOCV Training Methods (Japan)
July 25, 2007Relief Supplies Bound for Flood-Damaged Sudan (Africa)
July 23, 2007JICA Helps Cambodia Implement New Civil Code (Southeast Asia)
July 18, 2007Empowering People Is the Key to a Better Livelihood (Japan)FrançaisEspañol
July 9, 2007Emergency Supplies Rushed to Storm-Ravaged Pakistan (Southwest Asia)
July 6, 2007Saving Saudi Arabia's Trees (Middle East)
July 4, 2007The Lowest Spot on Earth (Middle East)
July 3, 2007Offering Specialized Care (Middle East)


June 25, 2007Oxford Speech: Japan's Development Assistance and the New Challenge (Europe)FrançaisEspañol
June 22, 2007Japan’s Development Assistance Is at a Crossroads (Europe)FrançaisEspañol
June 21, 2007Helping Refugees Help Themselves (Middle East)FrançaisEspañol
June 18, 2007Volunteers Reach Important Historical Landmark (Japan)FrançaisEspañol
June 12, 2007The Suez Canal Bridge (Middle East)
June 11, 2007Girls Anticipate Brighter Future (Middle East)
June 2007Focus on Egypt (Middle East)
June 6, 2007Emergency Aid to Myanmar (Southeast Asia)
June 1, 2007Meet the World's Most Famous Robot (Japan)


May 2007JICA President Calls for Increased Development Assistance and Promotion of Human Security (Japan)
May 24, 2007JICA-Philippines Meeting (Japan)
May 2007Egypt Plans a New 'Wonder of the World' with Japanese Help (Middle East)
May 23, 2007Boost for Niger's Schools (Africa)
May 23, 2007Rebuilding the Solomon Islands (Oceania)
May 23, 2007New Moves in Mindanao (Southeast Asia)
May 2007The Challenge of Aging Populations in Developing Countries (Japan)
May 2007Medical 'Milestone' in Palestine (Middle East)
May 2007A Bridge between People with and without Disabilities (South America)Español
May 2007Helping Brazil's Mothers-to-be (South America)Español


April 2007Japanese Koban Take Root in Latin America (South America)Español
April 24, 2007JICA President Visits Brazil and Paraguay (South America)
April 2007Bees Bring Home the Money (South America)Español
April 2007Saving the Amazon (South America)Español
April 2007Improving Rural Health Care (South America)Español
April 17, 2007President Ogata Visits Both North and South America (South America)
April 5, 2007JICA Emergency Aid to Solomon Islands (Oceania)
April 4, 2007First Earthquake Resistant School Completed (Southwest Asia)
April 3, 2007JICA Starts Three New Middle East Projects (Middle East)


March 23, 2007Volunteers Return to Peru after 15 Year Absence (South America)
March 22, 2007Volunteers Train Mongolian and Zambian Swimmers (East Asia/Africa)
March 15, 2007JICA President Pledges Further Cooperation with India (Southwest Asia)
March 15, 2007JICA Signs Formal Agreement to Help the Troubled Philippine Province of Mindanao (Southeast Asia)
March 2007Focus on Latin America (South America)
March 12, 2007JICA President Continues First Official Trip to India (Southwest Asia)
March 09, 2007President Ogata Addresses Japan-India Symposium (Southwest Asia)
March 07, 2007JICA President Reviews Organization's Projects in India (Southwest Asia)
March 02, 2007President Ogata Makes First Official Visit to India (Southwest Asia)


February 2007Japanese Volunteer Helps in Jungle Education (South America)Español
February 2007Japanese Volunteer Becomes African Tribal Chief (Africa)
February 2007Teaching Children That Learning Can Be Fun (Oceania)
February 2007Planting Native Madagascan Trees (Africa)Français


January 2007Helping Survivors Smile Again (Southeast Asia)


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