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September 3, 2008From a Ruin of War to a World Heritage Site and Favorite Tourist Destination (Southeast Asia)
September 2, 2008JICA Sending Emergency Supplies to Haiti in Wake of Hurricane Gustav (Japan)


August 22, 2008JICA Flying Emergency Supplies to Flood-Stricken Laos (Japan)
August 15, 2008Floods Devastate Northern Viet Nam (Japan)
August 8, 2008Emergency Supplies for Flood-Stricken Central Europe (Japan)
August 6, 2008Emergency Supplies for Flood-Stricken Ukraine (Japan)


July 7, 2008Fine Seafood and Poverty (Middle East)
July 2, 2008Face to Face with the Ifugao People (Southeast Asia)
July 1, 2008JICA, Climate Change and the Environment - the Challenges Ahead (Japan)
July 1, 2008Bringing Order Out of Chaos (Southeast Asia)
July 1, 2008Focus on the G8 (Japan)


June 26, 2008Emergency Supplies Being Airlifted to Help Survivors of Typhoon Fengshan in the Philippines (Japan)
June 11, 2008Social Progress Must Go Hand in Hand with African Economic Expansion (Africa)
June 5, 2008African Food Pioneer Predicts ‘Big’ Gains for Continent (Japan)
June 4, 2008JICA Sending Emergency Supplies to Flood Stricken Areas of Sri Lanka (Japan)


May 30, 2008African Development Summit Sees Broad Agreement on Sustaining Growth (Japan)
May 30, 2008A "Green Revolution" for Africa Is Announced (Japan)
May 29, 2008This Will Be the "Century of African Growth," Japan's Prime Minister Says (Japan)
May 29, 2008Signs of a "Real Dawn" in Africa (Japan)
May 28, 2008Africa Begins to See 'Light at the End of the Tunnel' in Fight for Economic Prosperity (Japan)
May 28, 2008JDR Medical Team Dispatched to Myanmar (Southeast Asia)
May 23, 2008Focus on Africa (Africa)
May 22, 2008New Initiative to Double Rice Production in Africa (Japan)
May 22, 2008Renewed Sense of Optimism in World’s Poorest Continent (Africa)
May 22, 2008JICA Expands Its Operations in Africa (Africa)
May 22, 2008Africa at a Glance (Africa)
May 22, 2008What is TICAD? (Japan)
May 20, 2008Japan Sends Medical Team to Help in China Earthquake Cleanup (East Asia)
May 19, 2008Japanese Rescue Team Shifts to Destroyed Chinese City of Beichuan (East Asia)
May 19, 2008JICA Aid to Myanmar (Southeast Asia)
May 16, 2008Japan Sends Additional Rescue Workers to Chinese Earthquake Epicenter (East Asia)
May 15, 2008Japan Sends First Foreign Team to Help in China's Devastating Earthquake (East Asia)
May 14, 2008Japan Sending Emergency Supplies to Help Victims of China's Earthquake (East Asia)
May 8, 2008Further Japanese Emergency Supplies Earmarked for Myanmar (Southeast Asia)
May 7, 2008Japanese Emergency Assistance Reaches Myanmar to Help Survivors of Destructive Cyclone (Southeast Asia)
May 1, 2008South America Is a Long Way from Uganda (Africa)


April 10, 2008JICA Alumni Help Kenya Recover (Africa)


March 21, 2008JICA to Increase Cooperation with Peru (South America)
March 19, 2008Focus on Ghana (Africa)
March 19, 2008Pineapples Transform the Fortunes of a Ghanaian Village (Africa)
March 19, 2008A Key Player in Africa’s History, Ghana Faces Many Modern-Day Challenges (Africa)
March 13, 2008JICA President Ends Middle East Tour Following Talks with Syrian Leader Bashar al-Assad (Middle East)
March 12, 2008JICA President Holds Talks with Senior Syrian Officials and Visits Field Operations (Middle East)
March 10, 2008JICA President Sadako Ogata in Syria on Last Leg of Nine-Day Middle East Visit (Middle East)
March 7, 2008JICA President Ogata Meets Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas (Middle East)
March 5, 2008JICA President Ogata Visits Israel, Palestine and Syria During Middle East Tour (Middle East)


February 28, 2008Aid Rushed to Cyclone-Hit Madagascar (Africa)
February 25, 2008Africa Makes Major Strides in Key Security, Political and Economic Areas (Africa)
February 25, 2008Relief Supplies for Ecuador Hit by Month-Long Downpours (South America)
February 22, 2008An Ethiopian Village Sends Its Children to School for the First Time Ever (Africa)
February 22, 2008JICA and Honda Vietnam Work Together for Reforestation (Southeast Asia)
February 21, 2008JICA President Assesses Africa’s Current Situation and Future Economic and Social Needs (Africa)
February 20, 2008Improving One of the World’s Most Challenging Transportation Links (Africa)
February 19, 2008JICA President Visits Africa’s Fastest Growing City to Study Its Problems (Africa)
February 18, 2008JICA President Ogata Confers with Sudan President H.E. Bashir on Seven-Day African Visit (Africa)
February 15, 2008President Ogata Flies to Africa to Underline Commitment to Continent (Africa)
February 8, 2008Emergency Supplies to Tajikistan as Severe Weather Batters Globe (Central Asia and the Caucasus)
February 8, 2008A Group of Once Pristine Islands Faces an Environmental Crisis (Oceania)
February 7, 2008JICA Sends Emergency Supplies as Extreme Winter Storms Batter Afghanistan (Middle East)
February 6, 2008JICA Sends Emergency Supplies as China Battles Unprecedented Weather (East Asia)


January 31, 2008As Heavy Rains Continue to Lash Bolivia, JICA Is Sending Emergency Aid to Region (South America)
January 25, 2008Japanese Concept May Be Key to Accelerating African Growth (Africa)
January 24, 2008Workshop on Intellectual Disabilities(updated) (Southeast Asia)
January 22, 2008Medium- and Long-Term Assistance Outlined to Help Bangladesh Recover from Disastrous Cyclone (Southwest Asia)
January 22, 2008Workshop on Intellectual Disabilities (Southeast Asia)


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