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Focus on Global Biodiversity

Focus on Global BiodiversityGorillas are well known symbols of the world's wonderful biodiversity -- and the challenges of preserving it

By any measure the world's biodiversity, its flora and fauna, is in crisis.

Many thousands of species are endangered and at a special ministerial meeting in the Japanese city of Nagoya, experts and politicians will be planning a new way forward to try to halt the destruction.

The Japan International Development Agency (JICA) is charged with helping developing countries and their populations and in recent years has been paying attention to the inter relationship between the globe's natural heritage and the health of local communities.

It has invested some 2.4 billion dollars since the start of the new millennium in a variety of biodiversity-development projects ranging from protecting coral reefs and mangrove forests to promoting community projects and safe water programs.

Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro. Icecaps in retreat and the world's flora and fauna in peril

The World's Flora and Fauna are disappearing at an Alarming Rate

It is a race against time to save the globe's fast disappearing flora and fauna. A special meeting is being held in Nagoya to plot the future and JICA is increasingly involved in inter-related development-biodiversity projects.

Forest fires show the widespread destruction in the Amazon River Basin/NASA

The Amazon – Helping the World Breathe

The world's most important eco system—the Amazon River basin is under threat. A four-year program has been launched to discover just how this system works and can be preserved.

A JICA volunteer engaged in environmental education in Gabon

Preserving a Hidden Eden

The West African nation of Gabon is a "Hidden Eden." Japanese volunteers are helping to preserve its amazing forests and biodiversity.

Helping sustained harvesting of wild coffee in Ethiopia

Coffee Comes Home

Coffee probably originated in the East African state of Ethiopia. The bean is now playing an important part in helping preserve the country's disappearing forests and the livelihoods of local people.

A JICA project is helping to restore mangrove forests in Myanmar

Mangrove Forests – Living Life on the Edge

Mangrove forests play an important role in the world's eco-system, but have been systematically destroyed. From Mexico to Myanmar, JICA is helping to protect and rejuvenate the long-misunderstood coastal belts of trees.

A small Japanese NGO is helping Masai tribes people in Kenya to find new sources of water—at the same time assisting nearby wildlife

Drilling for Water Kazusabori Style

Wildlife and local communities come increasingly into conflict. A small Japanese non-governmental organization is helping to find new sources of water which will help both of them.


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