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Focus on African Development (TICAD VI)

Focus on African Development (TICAD VI)

What is TICAD?

Tokyo International Conference on African Development


In the early 1990s, Africa was "marginalized" and "aid fatigue" set in after the cold war. To refocus international attention on the importance and urgency of African development issues, Japan took the leading role in the international community by organizing the first TICAD in 1993.

The Features of the TICAD Process

1. Pioneer Forum:
Over the course of more than 20 years since TICAD I in 1993, the forum has been contributing to activating debate on social and economic development in Africa by setting the region's development agenda and mobilizing public and private resources for its development.

2. Open and Inclusive Forum:
TICAD is a multilateral forum that includes Japan and African countries as well as international organizations, development partner countries, private companies, and civil society organizations engaging in Africa's development.

3. Ownership and Partnership:
TICAD has advocated the importance of supporting African ownership and promoting international partnerships for development with Africa. It provides open and broad opportunities to hear voices from Africa and act together with Africa.

4. Steady Fulfillment of Promises:
The implementation of the pledges announced at the summit-level meetings is monitored and confirmed at TICAD ministerial meetings. TICAD Progress Reports in English, French, and Japanese are submitted to the TICAD ministerial meetings and published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

TICAD VI Event, JICA Seminar Series


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