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Focus on Training

Focus on TrainingShowing the latest helicopter rescue techniques at sea during an anti piracy course

More than 12,000 participants from countries around the world attended some 1,300 training courses in Japan this year, seminars on subjects ranging from agriculture and health to combating corruption and piracy on the high seas.

The program, administered by JICA and as many as 300 other Japanese organizations, is reputedly the largest of its kind in the world, offering the participants not only an insight into the latest technology and equipment in their fields but also a close-up look at Japanese society.

The Japan based training, however, is only one element of JICA's overall approach to providing learning skills to experts, officials, academics and students from developing countries.

Nearly 15,000 people also received training in their respective countries and some 3,400 attended courses in other states, under the auspices of JICA.

2010 also marked the 10th anniversary of the so-called Japan centers which were established in former Soviet satellite countries and some Asian nations to help them transform their economics from rigid, communist systems to so-called free or market-based systems.

More than 66,000 people studied specific courses at the Japan Centers but in Viet Nam alone nearly one half a million people attended various center activities there.

Trainees attend natal care exercises

A Training Program for Everyone

There are programs to combat piracy and corruption. There are others for health, education, water or nuclear physics. More than 12,000 participants from all over the world have attended an estimated 1,300 training programs this year across Japan.

Money laundering

Who is Winning the Global Battle Against Corruption?

Corruption pervades daily life everywhere – in industrialized nations as well as failed states such as Somalia. Senior officials from Africa, Latin and Central America, Asia and the Pacific recently spent three months studying everything from money laundering to embezzlement and bribery.

Participants learn new fire fighting techniques

Eight Million Fires a Year. HELP!!!

There are millions of fires globally every year which are a major threat to the world's most vulnerable people. One of JICA's oldest training programs has helped firemen from nearly 80 countries to learn everything from the importance of discipline to the latest fire fighting techniques.

School kids learn about nature first hand

Learning From Past Mistakes – Building a Better Future

Minamatra City may have ‘died' after a dreadful industrial accident affected large numbers of its population. Instead, it has become an eco-friendly city and is passing on both the history of its problems – and its solutions – to officials from developing countries.

Sunrise in Nepal

A New Legal System for Nepal

When civil war ended in Nepal in 2008 the Himalayan nation was faced with the task of building a virtually new country. JICA has been helping to establish a new civil code to protect the fundamental human rights of ordinary citizens and meet internationally accepted legal standards.

A Lao Buddhist monk and IT

Japan Centers – An Auspicious 10th Anniversary

They have helped former Soviet satellite countries and some Asian nations to transform rigid, communist systems into market-based economies. This year so-called Japan Centers mark the 10th anniversary of operations in nations ranging from Mongolia to Kazakhstan.


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