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Press Releases

FY 2002


2003.03.31JBIC Signs New Projects for ODA Loan with India for First Time in 5 Years
2003.03.31An ODA Loan for Bridge Construction in Bangladesh–Toward Vibrant Regional Economic Activities with Transport Infrastructure Development–
2003.03.31JBIC Signs an ODA Loan Agreement with the Tunisian Government–For Greater Access to Safe Water in Rural Areas–
2003.03.31Fiscal 2002 ODA Loan Package for Vietnam–Supporting Poverty Reduction in Partnership with NGOs–
2003.03.31Supporting Environmental Conservation, Human Resources and Regional Development in China-ODA Loan Package to China for Fiscal 2002-
2003.03.28Supporting the Export of LNG Tankers to Malaysia––A Loan for Malaysian Shipping Company––
2003.03.27ODA Loans for Sri Lanka–In Support of the Agriculture and Power Sectors–
2003.03.2749,025 Million Yen Special ODA Loan for Indonesia–Supporting the South Smatra-West Java Gas Pipeline Project–
2003.03.26A Project Finance Loan for the Private Participation Power Project in Mexico
2003.03.20Activities in February
2003.03.19JBIC Signs Untied Loan Agreement with BNDES
2003.03.17JBIC Promotes Partnership with French Development Agency
2003.03.14Helping Privately Financed Students from Developing Countries
2003.03.12JBIC Activities in the 3rd World Water Forum


2003.02.28JBIC Issues Euroyen Bond
2003.02.27Activities in January 2003
2003.02.10JBIC Signs ODA Loan with Islamic Republic of Pakistan


2003.01.31JBIC Releases Ex-Post Evaluation Report for ODA Loan Projects 2002 in Summary Version
2003.01.30Activities in December 2002
2003.01.30JBIC Institute Holds Workshop on Conflict and Development
2003.01.14JBIC to Hold First Seminar for Promoting Public Participation in JBIC's ODA operation
2003.01.14JBIC provides Buyer's Credits to Brazil's Companhia Siderúrgica de Tubarão


2002.12.30JBIC Signs Untied Loan Agreements with Brazilian Telecommunications Carriers
2002.12.26JBIC Announces Midterm Japanese GAAP Financial Statements
2002.12.20Activities in November 2002
2002.12.10Changes of Debt Relief Method
2002.12.06JBIC Issues "Macroeconomic Impact of IT Adoption and Diffusion" Study Report


2002.11.20Activities in October 2002
2002.11.05Survey Report on Overseas Business Operations by Japanese Manufacturing Companies


2002.10.28JBIC Extends Buyer's Credit to Globe Telecom of the Philippines
2002.10.18Activities in September 2002
2002.10.16JBIC Signs Agreement of Cooperation with Germany's KfW
2002.10.16JBIC Provides Guarantee for Pacific Railway Rehabilitation Project in Colombia
2002.10.10JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreements with Indonesia


2002.09.30JBIC Extends Project Finance Loan for Private Power Plant in Mexico
2002.09.25JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Thailand
2002.09.24JBIC Extends Buyer's Credit to Romania's Ministry of Industry and Resources
2002.09.19Activities in August 2002
2002.09.13Buyer's Credit Extended to Romania's Ministry of Health and Family
2002.09.11JBIC Issues FILP Agency Bond


2002.08.30JBIC Submits Budget Request for FY2003
2002.08.23JBIC Sponsors Parallel Event at World Summit on Sustainable Development
2002.08.22JBIC Signs Untied Loan with Mexico's Banco National de Comercio Exterior , S.N.C.
2002.08.15Activities in July 2002
2002.08.14Asian Wise Persons' Forum 2002


2002.07.23Activities in June 2002
2002.07.16The 3rd JBIC Symposium
2002.07.05JBIC Signs Special Yen (ODA) Loan Agreement with Turkey


2002.06.28JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Office National de l'Electricite (ONE) of Morocco
2002.06.28JBIC Makes Public Financial Statements for Administrative Cost Calculation
2002.06.27JBIC Reports on Operations in FY2001
2002.06.20Activities in May 2002
2002.06.07JBIC provides Buyer's Credit to Turkey's Borcelik Steel Mill


2002.05.23Activities in April 2002
2002.05.16JBIC Extends ODA Loan to Republic of Uzbekistan
2002.05.10JBIC signs ODA Loan Agreements with India


2002.04.16JBIC Signs Pilot Study Contracts for ODA Loan
2002.04.12Activities in March 2002
2002.04.10JBIC Issues First FILP Agency Bond for FY2002
2002.04.01New Medium-Term Strategy for Overseas Economic Cooperation Operations
2002.04.01JBIC Unveils New Environmental Guidelines


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