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Press Releases

FY 2003


2004.03.31JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Republic of Tunisia--In Support of the Country's Largest Water Resource Utilization Plan--
2004.03.31JBIC Provides Second Export Credit Line for UNIBANCO in Brazil--Dual Currency Facilities to Three Major Brazilian BanksNow Total US$140 Million--
2004.03.31FY2003 ODA Loan Package for Vietnam--Supporting the Power and Transportation Sector with Operation & Maintenance Consolidation--
2004.03.31Supporting the Dual Goal of Poverty Reduction and Economic Growth in India
––New ODA Loans for Poverty Reduction, Economic Development and Environmental Projects––
2004.03.31JBIC Signs ODA Loan with Morocco
--Addressing Poverty Reduction by Supporting Rural Secondary Education--
2004.03.30JBIC Signs Loan Agreement with ROSTELECOM of Russia--Supporting Japanese Exporters by JBIC's First Russian Corporate Risk-Taking Loan--
2004.03.30Reducing Regional Cities' Traffic Congestion for the Philippines' Economic Development--Signing an ODA Loan Agreement for the Arterial Road Bypass Project--
2004.03.30JBIC Provides Export Credit Line for JSC Kazkommertsbank in Kazakhstan--First Credit Line to Support Japanese Equipment Exports in Central Asia--
2004.03.30JBIC Signs Loan Agreement for the BLCP Coal-Fired Power Plant Project in Thailand-First Project Finance Loan to Thai IPP-
2004.03.26JBIC Provides Export Finance to National Power Cooporation of the Philippines
2004.03.11An Untied Loan to Petróleos Mexicanos--JBIC Supports Stable Energy Supply in Mexico--
2004.03.10JBIC Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Corporacion Andina de Fomento--Economic Cooperation between Japan and the Latin American and Caribbean Region--


2004.02.23JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement for the Republic of Kenya--Supporting the Country's Stable Power Supply--
2004.02.13World Bank, JBIC and MLIT to Jointly Hold "MICHINO EKI" (Roadside Station) Seminar
2004.02.12JBIC Provides 5th Export Credit Line for Banco do Brasil––Dual Currency Facility Supports Exports of Equipment from Japan––
2004.02.04JBIC Provides Guarantee For Commercially Syndicated Loan--To Support the Procurement of Iron and Steel Material by Japanese Firms Operating in Brazil--
2004.02.04Release of Ex-Post Evaluation Report for ODA Loan Projects 2003 (Summary)
2004.02.03JBIC Signs Project Finance Loan Agreements for Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan(BTC)Pipeline Project--In Support of a Crude Oil Pipeline Project Connecting the Caspian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea for the First T


2004.01.27JBIC Issues Fiscal Investment and Loan Program (FILP) Agency Bonds --Issuance of 50 billion yen for 5-year bonds and 70 billion yen for 10-year bonds--
2004.01.23Operational Results fot the Third Quarter of Fiscal 2003
2004.01.23Infrastructure in East Asia:The Way Forward --Promoting Efficient Infrastructure Development for Economic Growth and Povaty Reduction,and New Public- Private Partnership
2004.01.21JBIC Makes Public Japanese GAAP-Based Financial Statement for First Half of FY2003
2004.01.13JBIC Provides an Untied Loan for Infrastructure Development in Malaysia-Financing to cover Physical Distribution Services and Information Technology-


2003.12.19JBIC Provides Export Credit Line to BRADESCO--First Export Credit Line for the Largest Commercial Bank in Brazil--
2003.12.17JBIC Signs Project Finance Loan for Sohar Refinery Project in Oman--First Project Financing for a Company in Oman--
2003.12.16Supporting Peace and Stability in Mindanao, Philippines–JBIC Provides 6.187 billion yen for Two Projects Under the 26th ODA Loan Package–
2003.12.11JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with the Arab Republic of Egypt--Supporting Wind Power Generation Project to Curb Global Warming and Envisioning the Utilization of the Kyoto Mechanisms--
2003.12.11JBIC Signs Untied Loan Agreement with the National Power Corporation of the Philippines--Support for Creating Wholesale Electricity Spot Market to Facilitate Power Sector Reform--
2003.12.08Joining Hands with an International Private Group to Boost Kyoto Mechanism Activities:JBIC Signs Cooperation Agreement with International Emissions Trading Association
2003.12.03JBIC Signs Loan Agreement for Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant Project in Mindanao, Philippines––Supporting Japanese Firms in Cofinancing with KfW––


2003.11.28JBIC Issues Euro-Euro Bond : Sixth Issuance in International Capital Market
2003.11.21Report on Japanese Manufacturer's Overseas Business Operations-FY2003 Business Survey on Foreign Direct Investment-
2003.11.20JBIC Provides First ODA Loan to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia––Supporting Water Resource Development in Eastern Macedonia for Post-Conflict Peace Building––
2003.11.20JBIC Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Development Bank of Kazakhstan––Supporting the Expansion of Japan-Kazakhstan Trade and Investment––


2003.10.30Investment Forum to Mark"ASEAN-Japan Exchange Year 2003":To Encourage Increased FDI in New ASEAN Member Countrise
2003.10.27Operational Results for the Second Quarter of Fiscal 2003


2003.09.19JBIC-ADB- World Bank Joint Flagship Study "Infrastructure Development in East Asia: The Way Forward" (tentative)


2003.08.29JBIC Submits Budget Request for FY2004
2003.08.13JBIC Signs United Loan with Mexico's Nacional Financiera,S.N.C.:To Help Mexican Small-and Medium-Sized firms


2003.07.31Japan Bank for International Cooperation Activities for the First Quarter of Fiscal 2003
2003.07.31JBIC Finances Coal-Fired Power Plant Project in Indonesia:To Help Support Japanese Exports
2003.07.25JBIC Issues Euro-Euro Bond : Fifth Issuance in International Capital Market/a>
2003.07.22JBIC Extends Loans to Expand Power Supply in Indonesia : To Help Promote Economic and Social Development
2003.07.10JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement for Egypt-To Support Stable Power Transmission to Key Areas-
2003.07.08JBIC Provides ODA Loan to Water Sector Project in Kazakhstan–Supporting Water Supply and Sewerage Infrastructure to Improve Economic and Social Well-Being–


2003.06.30JBIC Makes Public Japanese GAAP-Based Financial Statements and Financial Statements for Administrative Cost Calculation for FY2002
2003.06.23JBIC Report on FY 2002 Operation
2003.06.20JBIC Provides Bank-to-Bank Loan to Russia's IMB --First Credit Line for Private Bank in Russia--
2003.06.12JBIC Supports Vietnam Power Sector With Project Finance Loan for the Power Project with Private Participation


2003.05.02JBIC Signs Untied Loan Agreement with BANCOLDEX


2003.04.30JBIC Signs an ODA Loan with Brazil
2003.04.24Activities in March 2003
2003.04.01Supporting Environmental Conservation in the Philippines–JBIC Signs an ODA Loan Agreement for Subic Bay Freeport Environment Management Project–


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