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Press Releases

FY 2005


2006.03.31JBIC Signs Loan Agreement for Espadarte FPSO Project in Brazil--First Project Financing JBIC Provides for Brazilian Project--
2006.03.31JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Malaysian Government
2006.03.31JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Senegal--First Project Cofinancing with AfDB Under EPSA for Africa--
2006.03.29JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Mongolia--Supporting SMEs for Poverty Reduction through Industrial Development--
2006.03.29FY2005 ODA Loan Package for Indonesia--Supporting Improvement in Investment Climate and Utilization of Renewable Energy Resources for conomic and Social Development--
2006.03.28JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Indonesia:Continuing Support for Economic and Fiscal Reforms
2006.03.28JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreements with Sri Lanka:Supporting Medium and Long-Term Reconstruction from Damage Caused by Civil Conflict and Tsunami
2006.03.22JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with the Royal Government of Cambodia
2006.03.20JBIC Issues Euro-Dollar Bond--Thirteenth Issuance in International Capital Market--
2006.03.20JBIC Provides Loan for Improving and Strengthening Transport Infrastructure to Meet Increased Iron Ore Production by CVRD:Contributing to Stable Supply of Iron Ore to Japan
2006.03.20First Euro Export Credit Lines for Finansbank and Denizbank in Turkey
2006.03.16JBIC Supports Japanese Company's Expansion of Seafood Processing Business in China--Helping the Overseas Business Operations of SMEs--
2006.03.13Supporting Improvement in Business Environmentof Japanese Companies through Indian Commercial Bank
2006.03.13JBIC to Participate in the 4th World Water Forum:Toward Better Water Sector Cooperation in Developing Countries
2006.03.13JBIC to Support Japan-Korea Joint Project in Turkey:Signing of an MOU with the Ex-Im Bank of Korea
2006.03.09Guarantee for Rupiah Bonds Issued by Japanese Affiliate in Indonesia--Promoting the Asian Bond Market Initiative--
2006.03.03JBIC Signs Loan Agreement for the Rabigh Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Project in Saudi Arabia--First Project Financing Provided by JBIC for a Saudi Project--


2006.02.21JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Guatemala--Supporting Mitigation of the Regional Gap and Enduring PeaceThrough Road Improvement --
2006.02.17Signing of an ODA Loan Agreement with Paraguay in Support of "The Initiative for the Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America"
2006.02.08Comprehensive, Multi-Faceted Support for Japan's Trade and Investment Ties with Turkey and the Surrounding Region


2006.01.31Operational Results for the Third Quarter of Fiscal 2005
2006.01.31JBIC Supports Japanese Firm's Manufacturing and Sales of Anti-Malaria Mosquito Nets in the United Republic of Tanzania
2006.01.30JBIC Publishes Evaluation Highlights on ODA Loan Projects 2005
2006.01.25JBIC Signs "Guidelines for Implementation" to Promote Co-financing with AfDB under Enhanced Private Sector Assistance for Africa--Supporting Private Sector Development with AfDB--
2006.01.25Guarantee for Ringgit Bonds Issued by a Japanese Affiliate in Malaysia--Promoting the Asian Bond Market Initiative--
2006.01.20JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with the Arab Republic of Egypt--First ODA Loan in Support of the Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power Plant Project to Curb Global Warming--
2006.01.17JBIC Signs Loan Agreement with MegaFon of Russia:Support for Japanese Firms' Export to Russia through Corporate Risk-Taking Loan
2006.01.13JBIC Provides Emergency ODA Loan to Pakistan--Supporting Earthquake Recovery in the Affected Regions--
2006.01.04JBIC Opens New Representative Office in Dubai


2005.12.28Loan through DBK to Help Kazak's Energy Resource-Related Infrastructure Development--Securing a Stable Supply of Energy Resources to Japan and Supporting the Stable Supply of Her Resources to the Inte
2005.12.20Supporting Japanese Exports to India through State-Owned Commercial Bank--First Global Bank Loan to Take Corporate Risk in India, Focus of Attention as One of the BRICs--
2005.12.19Guarantee for Private Placement Yen-Denominated Foreign Bonds Issued by the Colombian Government: First Guarantee for A Non-Asian Issuer /Supporting Colombia to Return to the Tokyo Market
2005.12.14Project Financing for Privately Financed, Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Generation Project in Thailand:Support for Meeting the Rapidly Increasing Demand for Power
2005.12.12MOUs on Loans to Improve the Business Environment for Japanese Affiliates in Malaysia--Strengthening Strategic Partnership of Japan-Malaysia EPA--
2005.12.05Memorandum of Understanding between JBIC and UNDP toward Achieving the MDGs
2005.12.02JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Vietnam:--Supporting Vietnam's Policy and Institutional Reforms for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction--


2005.11.30JBIC Provides ODA Loans for Morocco--Supporting Improvements in the Environment, Public Health and Regional Disparities--
2005.11.30JBIC to Sign MOUs with KMG and DBK--Strategic Partnership with Kazakhstan Enables Comprehensive Supportfor Japanese Firms' Resource-Related Trade and Investment--
2005.11.22JBIC Signs MOU with North-West Telecom regarding Buyer's Credit--Support for Japanese Exports based on the Credit of Russian Private Firm--
2005.11.21JBIC Issues Global Dollar Bond–12th Issuance in International Capital Market–
2005.11.21Expanding the Ceiling on Loans up to US$3 Billion for Russian Banksto Further Strengthen Japan-Russia Economic Ties--JBIC Signs Loan Agreement and Cooperation Agreement with Local Banks in Russian Fed
2005.11.15Supporting Japanese Firm's Exports of Power Facilities to Vietnam--First Export Loan to Electricity of Vietnam--
2005.11.14Project Financing for Privately Financed, Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Generation Project in Thailand:Support for Meeting the Rapidly Increasing Demand for Power
2005.11.11JBIC Provides Bank-to-Bank Loan to Ukrainian EXIM Bank
2005.11.04Report on Japanese Manufacturers' Overseas Business Operations--FY2005 Survey: Outlook for Japanese Foreign Direct Investment--


2005.10.28JBIC Extends Export Loan for Railway Construction Project in Venezuela:Supporting Exports of Railway-related Equipment by Japanese Firms
2005.10.27JBIC Holds Special Session during The First International Conference for China Urban Water Development Strategies
2005.10.27Natural Resources Financing for Kashagan Offshore Oil Field Development Project in the North Caspian Sea--Diversifying Japan's Energy Supply Sources--
2005.10.21Operational Results for the Second Quarter of Fiscal 2005
2005.10.03Project Financing and Political Risk Guarantee for the Cerro Verde Copper Mine Development Project of Peru: Supporting Long-Term, Stable Supply of Copper Concentrate to Japan


2005.09.30JBIC Provides Export Loan to Petroeos Mexicanos: Supporting Japanese Firms in Providing Technical Assistance for Drilling Offshore Oil Fields
2005.09.27JBIC Signs Loan Agreement with Enka Pazarlama Ihracat Ithalat A.S. in Turkey: First Buyer's Credit to Turkey Relying on Private Firm's Credit
2005.09.15JBIC Provides Thai Baht Two-Step Loan: First Asian Currency Loan under ABMI
2005.09.07JBIC Signs Cooperation Agreement on the Kyoto Mechanisms with Peruvian Government Agencies: Partnerships to Help Achieve Japan's GHG Emissions Reduction Target
2005.09.01JBIC Issues Thai Baht Bonds--Fist Asian Currency Bond Issue under ABMI--


2005.08.25JBIC Provides Loan to Support Long-Term, Stable Supply of Aluminum Ingot from Brazil to Japan
2005.08.23JBIC Participates in the 2nd Southeast Asia Water Forum: To Discuss Water Resource Management in Southeast Asia
2005.08.18JBIC Provides Loan to Finance Formation of CDM Projects through CABEI: To Help Achieve Japan's GHG Emissions Reduction Target under the Kyoto Protocol
2005.08.15JBIC Provides Export Credit to National Petrochemical Company of Iran
2005.08.10JBIC Resumes ODA Loans to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan--New ODA Loans Support Poverty Reduction and Economic Growth--


2005.07.26Operational Results for the First Quarter of Fiscal 2005
2005.07.21Signing of Cooperation Agreement with REC for Promoting the Kyoto Mechanisms--Partnership to Help Achieve Japan's GHG Emission Reduction Target--
2005.07.21Signing of MOU on Bank-to-Bank Loan with Ukrainian EXIM Bank: First Credit Line to Ukraine to Support Japanese Exports
2005.07.14JBIC Signs Loan Agreement with ROSTELECOM of Russia: Supporting Japanese Exporters through JBIC's Russian Corporate Risk-Taking Loan


2005.06.30JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Tunisia--Supporting Human Resource Development to Strengthen the Country's Industrial Competitiveness and Regional Development that Draws upon Japanese Technology--
2005.06.17JBIC Issues Euro-Dollar Bond -Tenth Issuance in International Capital Market-
2005.06.17JBIC Satellite Meeting during International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific: HIV/AIDS Prevention Program for Mobile Population in JBIC Infrastructure Projects and Corporate Social Responsibil
2005.06.17JBIC Reports on FY 2004 Operations
2005.06.17Policy Proposals to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania for Improving Investment Climate: Action Plan to Encourage Japanese Business Investment Based on TICAD III Initiative
2005.06.09JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreements with Sri Lanka: Supporting Reconstruction from Devastation of Civil Conflict and Tsunami
2005.06.08Signing ODA Loan Agreement with Algeria--Supporting Improvement in Educational Environment in Earthquake-Affected Northern Region--


2005.05.27JBIC Signs Loan Agreement and Memorandums with Brazil's Public and Private Sector Entities: Strengthening Partnerships to Further Consolidate Bilateral Economic Relations
2005.05.17JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Thailand: Supporting Economic Growth through the Construction of International Airport
2005.05.13JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Azerbaijan Government: Supporting Construction of Gas Combined-Cycle Power Plant Will Serve to Strengthen the Base of Economic Development


2005.04.28JBIC Supports Japanese Firm's Plant Export to Oman: First Project Financing by JBIC for a Fertilizer Plant Project
2005.04.26Project Financing for Taweelah B Power and Desalination Project in UAE: First Financial Support by JBIC to Country's Large Infrastructure Project
2005.04.12JBIC Provides Investment Two-Step Loan to BANCOMEXT
2005.04.12JBIC Signs Memorandums of Understanding with the IDB Group and Other Parties:Strengthening Mutual Ties for the Support of Japanese Business Activities in Latin America and the Caribbean
2005.04.11JBIC Signs Cooperation Agreement on the Kyoto Mechanisms with the Colombian Government: Partnership to Help Achieve Japan's GHG Emissions Reduction Target
2005.04.05JBIC Signs Cooperation Agreement on the Kyoto Mechanisms with Corporación Andina de Fomento: Partnership to Help Achieve Japan's GHG Emissions Reduction Target
2005.04.04JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Romania--In Support of Environmental Improvement at the Country's Largest Thermal Power Plant--
2005.04.01JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Egypt--Supporting Tourism and Industrial Development through Airport Improvement--
2005.04.01New Medium-Term Strategy for Overseas Economic Cooperation Operations: Setting Policy Direction for ODA Loan Operations for Next Three Years


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