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Press Releases

FY 2006


March 30, 2007JBIC Signs Loan Agreement for Power Generation Project in Jordan--Providing Loan on a Project Finance basis for First IPP Project in Jordan--
March 29, 2007JBIC Signs Loan Agreement with Vietnam Electricity--Export Credit Agencies in Japan and China jointly supporting Japan and China Consortium--
March 29, 2007JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Sri Lanka--Towards Economic and Social Development through Poverty Reduction and Reduction in Regional Disparities--
March 29, 2007FY2006 ODA Loan Package for Indonesia--Supporting Improvement in Investment Climate for Sustainable Growth, Poverty Reduction, Increase in Quality of Education and Reconstruction in Aceh--
March 27, 2007First Corporate Recourse Loan to Indonesian Private Company--Supporting Exports from Japan and Developing Alternative Energy Resources to Oil--
March 27, 2007JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Cambodia--Improving the Investment Climate by the Construction of a Power Networkin the Fast-Growing Mekong Region--
March 26, 2007JBIC Provides Loan for Campos Oil Field Development Project --Supporting Japanese Firm's First Oil Field Development Project with Concession Right in Brazil --
March 26, 2007JBIC signs ODA Loan Agreements with Indonesia--Continuing to Support Economic and Policy Reforms--
March 23, 2007JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Tunisia--Drawing on Japanese Technology through Installation of TV Broadcasting Equipment--
March 22, 2007Policy Proposals to Zambia for Improving Investment Climate--Supporting Laying of Groundwork for Japanese Business Investment in Africa--
March 20, 2007Project Financing for Wind Power Project in Republic of Bulgaria--Supporting First Joint Implementation Project Implemented by Japanese Firm--
March 20, 2007JBIC Signs Protocol with Peru's COFIDE at IDB Annual Meeting--Looking Toward the First Untied Loan to Peru under the New Government--
March 19, 2007JBIC Issues Euro-Dollar Bond--Fourteenth Issuance in International Capital Market--
March 19, 2007JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Mozambique--Supporting Poverty Reduction through Road Development--
March 16, 2007JBIC Signs Loan Agreement with Enka Pazarlama in Turkey--In Support of Japanese Firms'Export of Industrial Machinery--
March 12, 2007JBIC Provides First ODA Loan in 25 Years for Tanzania--Supporting Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction through General Budget Support and Infrastructure Development--
March 9, 2007JBIC Guarantees Private Placement Bonds Issued by Government of Uruguay--Utilizing Guarantee Facility to Strengthen Wood Chip Export to Japan--
March 8, 2007Guarantee for Rupiah Bonds Issued by Japanese Affiliate in Indonesia--JBIC Continues to Promote Asian Bond Market Initiative--
March 5, 2007JBIC to Cooperate with Brazil's Petrobras in Bio Fuel Projects--MOU Sets Sights on Prospect of Stable Supply of Bio Fuel to Japan--


February 28, 2007JBIC Provides Guarantee for Private-Sector Syndicated Loan Extended to VEB--Supporting International Financial Business Operations in Russia by Japanese Financial Institutions --
February 28, 2007JBIC Offers Credit Line to VEB--Supporting Japanese Exports to Russia for Bolstering Its Industry--
February 27, 2007JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with the Philippines--Supporting Flood Control in Metro Manila by Drawing on Japanese Technology--
February 27, 2007JBIC Supports Off-take and Export of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products From Venezuela--To Help Ease Reliance on the Middle East for Crude Oil Imports, and Diversify Supply Sources--
February 23, 2007Supporting the Philippines' Power Sector Reform--Toward a Better Business Environment for Japanese Firms--
February 22, 2007JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Lao PDR--JBIC's first Assistance for Policy and Institutional Reform towards Lao's Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Growth--
February 21, 2007JBIC Signs First ODA Loan Agreement for the Private Sector through AfDB--Enhancing Private Sector Assistance for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Africa--
February 20, 2007JBIC Publishes Evaluation Report on ODA Loan Projects 2006--Impact Evaluation in Peru and Bulgaria; Case Study Analysis of Partnership with JICA; and Joint Evaluation with Developing Countries--
February 19, 2007JBIC Provides Loan for Expansion Project of Alumina Refinery in Brazil--Supporting the Long-Term, Stable Supply of Aluminum Resources to Japan--
February 15, 2007JBIC Provides Credit Line to Eskom--Supporting Japanese Businesses for Winning Orders in South Africa's Power Market--
February 13, 2007JBIC Sets Up a Credit Line to PTA Bank--First Credit Line in Support of Japanese Exports to Sub-Sahara Africa--
February 8, 2007JBIC Signs MOU with PEMEX--Supporting Expansion of Japanese Business Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector-
February 2, 2007JBIC signs MOU with DENR and JCF to Promote Kyoto Mechanisms--Partnership to Help Achieve Japan's GHG Emission Reduction Target--
February 2, 2007Buyer's Credit for Industrial Union of Donbass--First Corporate Risk-Taking Loan to Ukrainian Corporation--


January 31, 2007Operational Results for the Third Quarter of Fiscal 2006
January 23, 2007JBIC Signs ODA Loan for Kenya--Supporting Its Stable Power Supply--
January 23, 2007JBIC Provides Export Credit Lines to Turk Ekonomi Bankasi (TEB) in Turkey-- Supporting Expansion of Japanese Exports to SMEs in Turkey--
January 23, 2007JBIC Signs MOU on Islamic Finance with Central Bank of Malaysia--Toward Development of Islamic Finance in Asia--
January 23, 2007Buyer's Credit to the Republic of Turkey State Railways Enterprise (TCDD)--Supporting Japan-Korea Joint Project--
January 17, 2007JBIC provides Guarantee for Syndicated Loan to Telecommunications Network Expansion Project in Mexico


December 19, 2006JBIC Holds Project Finance Workshop for Saudi Aramco--Supporting Strengthening of Ties with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Expansion of Business Opportunities for Japanese Businesses through Knowledg
December 18, 2006JBIC Provides ODA Loan for Islamic Republic of Pakistan--Supporting the Promotion of Economic Growth--
December 15, 2006JBIC Provides Guarantee for Syndicated Loan to PEMEX--Supporting International Financial Business Operations in Latin America by Japanese Financial Institutions--
December 6, 2006Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with the Government of South Africa--Supporting ASGISA to Improve the Business Environment for Japanese Affiliates--
December 5, 2006JBIC Signs the First ODA Loan Agreement in Six Yearswith the Republic of Peru--In Support of Efficient Use of Water Resources and Expansion of Agricultural Output--


November 29, 2006JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Indonesia--Supporting Construction of a Mass Rapid Transit System for Economic Development--
November 29, 2006Strengthening Financial Cooperation with PERTAMINA --JBIC Signs MOU to Secure Stable Supply of Energy Resources for Japan--
November 29, 2006Signing MOU with AIM--Seeking Greater Effectiveness of ODA-Loan-Financed Projects by Strengthening Capacity in Developing Countries --
November 28, 2006Partnership with the Republic of Indonesia on Biomass --JBIC Signs MOU on Strategic Partnership--
November 22, 2006Report on Japanese Manufacturers' Overseas Business Operations--FY2006 (the 18th) Survey on Foreign Direct Investment--
November 20, 2006JBIC Signs MOU and Loan Agreement with the Government of Oman
November 17, 2006JBIC Signs MOU on Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with Qatar Petroleum--Strengthening Ties with the State of Qatar--
November 13, 2006Supporting the Improvement of the Business Environment with Export-Import Bank of India--To Assist Japanese Firm's Business Network--
November 13, 2006JBIC Signs MOU on Kyoto Mechanisms with SEAS--Partnership Helps to Achieve Japan's GHG Emission Reduction Target--
November 10, 2006"Tokyo Consensus" Signed at Asian EXIM Banks Forum--Promoting Partnership among EXIM Banks in Asian Countries--
November 01, 2006Inauguration of Amman Office


October 31, 2006JBIC Signs MOU with EDCF of Korean Exim Bank--Sharing Know-how on ODA Loans with Korea--
October 30, 2006Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation with PetroleumBRUNEI
October 25, 2006JBIC Signs MOU with RZB Group--For Broad Consultations with the Group to Help Extend Bank-to-Bank Loans in Central and Eastern Europe--
October 25, 2006Operational Results for the Second Quarter of Fiscal 2006
October 24, 2006JBIC Signs Cooperation Agreement on Kyoto Mechanisms with the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, El Salvador
October 20, 2006JBIC Signs Cooperation Agreements with Two Regional Development Banks in Africa--Promoting the Trade and Investment Activities of Japanese Businesses in Africa--
October 2, 2006JBIC Signs Cooperation Agreement on the Kyoto Mechanisms with Sri Lanka
October 2, 2006JBIC Signs Buyer's Credit Agreement for Large-Scale Power Project in the United Mexican States--First Financing under the OPF Scheme--
October 2, 2006JBIC establishes Environment Finance Engineering Department--Supporting Environment Projects and Business Development of Japanese Firms Having Energy-Saving and Renewable Energy Technologies--


September 28, 2006Guarantee for Privately-Placed, Yen-Denominated Foreign Bonds Issued by PETROBRAS
September 25, 2006JBIC Provides Loan for Ukrainian EXIM Bank--Supporting Japanese Exports to SMEs in Ukraine--
September 22, 2006JBIC Provides Export Credit to a Vietnamese Cement Company--Supporting Export of a Cement Plant by Japanese Firm--
September 20, 2006JBIC Sets Up a Credit Line to the Largest Commercial Bank in India --Yen and US Dollars-Denominated Loan to Support Japanese Exports to India and Sri Lanka--
September 19, 200Toward Sustainable Urban Development--Launching Joint Initiative on the Occasion of Annual Meeting of World Bank Group and IMF--
September 19, 2006JBIC Signs Untied Loan Agreement with SME Development Bank of Thailand--Support for Thai SMEs to Strengthen Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership--
September 19, 2006Umbrella Note of Mutual Understanding on IPP with the Government of the Republic of Indonesia


August 30, 2006JBIC Signs MOU with the Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan--Serving to Secure a Stable Supply of Uranium to Japan from Central Asia--
August 15, 2006Fighting HIV/AIDS through Infrastructure Projects--Joint Initiative Launched on the Eve of the XVI International AIDS Conference--
August 10, 2006JBIC Signs First ODA Loan Agreement with Namibia--Supporting Poverty Reduction through Road Improvement--
August 2, 2006Loan for Tangguh LNG Project in Indonesia--Supporting Stable Supply of Energy Resources in Indonesia,The largest LNG exporter for Japan--


July 27, 2006JBIC Signs a MOU on the Kyoto Mechanisms with Malaysian RHB and JCF--Partnership to Achieve Japan's GHG Emission Reduction Target--
July 26, 2006Operational Results for the First Quarter of Fiscal 2006
July 20, 2006JBIC Provides Bank-to-Bank Loan to Encouragement Bank in Bulgaria--First Credit Line to Bulgaria to Support Japanese Exports--
July 20, 2006JBIC Signs MOU with National Atomic Company in Kazakhstan--Supporting Increases in Business Opportunities in Line with Japan's Nuclear Policy--
July 13, 2006Supporting Japanese Shipbuilder's Export of Large Container Ships--Buyer's Credit to Promote Ship Exports--
July 5, 2006JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with Maldives--Supporting Medium and Long-Term Reconstruction from the Disaster Caused by the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean--


June 29, 2006JBIC Signs MOU on the Kyoto Mechanisms with TMB and JCF--A Partnership to Achieve Japan's GHG Emissions Reduction Target--
June 29, 2006JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreements with Bangladesh
June 27, 2006JBIC Signs Note for Cooperation on the Kyoto Mechanisms with Republic of Indonesia
June 26, 2006Supporting Environmental Conservation and Human Resource Development in China-- Fiscal 2005 ODA Loan Package for China --
June 22, 2006Natural Resources Financing for Uranium Mining Project in Kazakhstan--Securing Japan's Energy Resources--
June 19, 2006JBIC Signs Loan Agreement with VEB in Russia--In Support of Japanese Exports to Russian SMEs--
June 15, 2006JBIC Reports on FY 2005 Operations


May 29, 2006JBIC Signs Memorandum of Understanding on Evaluation with Bappenas in Indonesia
May 24, 2006JBIC Signs Loan Agreement to Finance Refinery Modernization Project in Brazil
May 24, 2006MOUs with Thai Exim Bank and NEDA--Strengthening Ties with Thai Government Agencies for GMS Development--
May 23, 2006JBIC Signs an ODA Loan Agreement with Tunisia--Supporting Regional Development through a Water Supply Project--
May 22, 2006JBIC Signs Memorandum of Understanding on Evaluation with NEDA in the Philippines
May 22, 2006JBIC Signs Loan Agreement for 3rd Expansion Project Financing in Saudi Arabia--Supporting International Competitiveness of the Japanese Chemical Industry--
May 15, 2006JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreements with Egypt--Supporting Sustainable Growth through Tourism Development and Environmental Improvement--
May 8, 2006JBIC Signs Cooperation Agreements on the Kyoto Mechanisms with Indian Commercial Bank--Partnerships to Help Achieve Japan's GHG Emissions Reduction Target--


April 28, 2006Supporting Improvement in Business Environment in Thailand for Japanese Companies through Thai Commercial Bank--JBIC Provides Untied Loan to TMB--
April 7, 2006Supporting Improvement of the Business Environment through a Malaysian Commercial Bank--First Business Development Loan for Private Commercial Banks--
April 5, 2006JBIC Signs Loan Agreement for the Al Hidd Independent Water and Powe- First Loan Provided by JBIC for Project Financing in Bahrain
April 4, 2006JBIC Signs Protocol with Brazil's UNIBANCO at IDB Annual Meeting--Help for Achieving Japan's Target under the Kyoto Protocol and Strengthening Japan-Brazil Economic Ties--
April 3, 2006JBIC Signs ODA Loan for Morocco:Supporting Economic Development through Highway Construction
April 3, 2006JBIC Signs an ODA Loan Agreement for Costa Rica
April 3, 2006JBIC Provides Fiscal 2005 ODA Loan Package for India
April 3, 2006JBIC Provides FY2005 ODA Loan Package for Vietnam


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