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Press Releases

FY 2008


September 30, 2008JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with the Philippines--Supporting Environmental Protection and Promoting Japan-U.S. Cooperation in Water Sector--
September 25, 2008JBIC Supports Japanese Firm's Auto Parts Business Expansion in India--By Directly Providing Loan to a Local Japanese Affiliate--
September 17, 2008JBIC Signs MOU with TERI--To Mobilize Private Sector Investment in Japan and India for Climate Change--
September 16, 2008JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreement with AfDB--Accelerating Private Sector-Driven Economic Growth to Realize a Vibrant Africa--
September 5, 2008JBIC Makes Equity Participation in Acquiring Shares of Senoko Power Limited, a Power Generation Company in Singapore--Supporting Japanese Firms' Overseas Power Generation Projects--
September 3, 2008Guarantee for Baht Bonds Issued by a Japanese Affiliate in Thailand--Supporting Japanese Affiliates' Increasingly Diverse Financing Modalities and Development of Local Bond Market--
September 2, 2008JBIC Signs Japanese ODA Loan Agreement with Indonesia--Provision of the First Climate Change Japanese ODA Loan based on "Cool Earth Partnership"--


August 29, 2008Developing Two International Ports through Public-Private Partnership--Japanese ODA Loan for Bulgaria--
August 22, 2008Supporting Development of CDM Projects and Supporting Industries in the Philippines to Improve Business Environment for Japanese Firms--JBIC Signed 6th Untied Loan Agreement with DBP--
August 08, 2008Cooperation for Addressing New Challenge Facing Thailand--JBIC Signs MOU with NESDB in Thailand--
August 06, 2008JBIC Signs Loan Agreement for Power and Desalination Project in Qatar--Supporting Japanese firms' overseas IWPP project and helping strengthen ties with a resource-endowed country--


July 29, 2008Operational Results for First Quarter of Fiscal 2008
July 29, 2008JBIC Signs ODA Loan Agreements with Sri Lanka--In Support of Socioeconomic Development through Poverty Alleviation and Correction of Regional Disparities--
July 10, 2008Power Transmission Projects' financing in South Africa--Supporting the improvement of business environment through strengthening and expanding Transmission networks--
July 10, 2008JBIC Signs Loan Agreement with Enka Pazarlama in Turkey--Buyer's Credit Supports Japanese Machinery Exports to Turkish Firms--
July 8, 2008JBIC Signs a MOU on the Kyoto Mechanisms with the Ministry of Environment of Pakistan and Japan Carbon Finance Ltd. --Partnership to Promote Co-Benefit and Achieve Japan's GHG Emission Reduction Targe
July 1, 2008Establishing Africa Office--Enhancing JBIC's Institutional Capacity for Financial Support of Africa--


June 30, 2008JBIC Loan for Australian LNG Project to Ensure Stable Natural Gas Supply to Japan--Supporting Resource Development Business of Japanese Power and Gas Utilities--
June 30, 2008JBIC Provides First Japanese ODA Loan to Albania in 12 Years--To support living environment improvement in the Metropolitan region through the improvement of sewage system--
June 25, 2008JBIC to Cooperate with Asia Carbon Exchange on Emission Trading--Supporting Japanese Firms' Efforts to Reduce GHG Emissions by Using Carbon Credits--
June 24, 2008Guarantee for Syndicate Loan for Sao Paulo's Urban Railway and Subway Project--Supporting Development of Infrastructure for Business Activities of Local Japanese Affiliates--
June 19, 2008Organizational Realignment in JBIC's International Financial Operations
June 19, 2008JBIC Issues the 31st FILP Agency Bond (JBIC Environmental Support Bond)--An issuance of 20 billion yen for 5-year bonds on the concept of
June 16, 2008JBIC Signs Loan Agreement for Sakhalin II (Phase 2) Project--To Secure Stable Supply of Energy Resource and Energy Security for Japan--
June 13, 2008JBIC Signs MOU with BAAC on the Promotion of Weather Derivative--Supporting Private Investment in Climate Change Adaptation in Developing Countries--
June 12, 2008JBIC Signs Japanese ODA Loan Agreements with Iraq--Supporting Infrastructure Development to Improve Living Conditions--
June 12, 2008JBIC Issues Global Dollar Bond--Seventeenth Issuance in International Capital Market--


May 30, 2008JBIC Reports on FY 2007 Operations
May 29, 2008JBIC Signs MOU with IFC--Supporting Private Sector Investment in Africa--
May 29, 2008JBIC Signs MOU with Development Bank of Namibia--Strengthening Bilateral Ties to Increase Business Opportunities for Japanese Firms--
May 26, 2008Memorandum of Understanding between JBIC and GEF- Towards a Strategic Partnership for Tackling Climate Change and Biodiversity Conservation -
May 20, 2008Buyer's Credit Supports Japanese plant export for Yemen LNG Project--JBIC's First Project Financing in Yemen--
May 15, 2008Enhancing Business for the Natural Resources Development of Japanese Companies--JBIC and NEXI Sign Memorandum with VALE in Brazil--
May 8, 2008JBIC Signs Japanese ODA Loans with Pakistan--Strongly Supporting Rural Poverty Reduction and Economic Infrastructure as Underpinnings for Economic Growth--
May 2, 2008Japanese ODA Loan for Mongolia--Supporting Construction of New Airport in Ulaanbaatar--


April 28, 2008JBIC Signs Cooperation Agreement on the Kyoto Mechanisms with Sri La--Partnership to Promote Co-Benefit and Achieve Japan's GHG Emission Reduction Target--nka Carbon Finance Limited
April 22, 2008JBIC Signs Protocol/MOU with Sao Paulo State Government and Federation of the Industries of the State of Sao Paulo("FIESP")
April 21, 2008Publication of Nikkei-JBIC Carbon Quotation Index--Supporting Japanese Firms' Effort to Reduce GHG Emissions by Using Carbon Credits--
April 7, 2008JBIC Offers Credit Line to MDM Bank in Russia--Supporting Japanese Firms' Exports to Russia--
April 1, 2008Establishing JBIC Facility for Asia Cooperation and Environment (FACE)--Mobilizing Private Capital to Support Climate Change Mitigation and Asian Projects--
April 1, 2008JBIC Provides ODA Loans for Morocco--Towards a Vibrant Africa! Supporting Poverty Reduction and Alleviation of Regional Disparities--


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