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Press Releases

January 18, 2001

Overseas Economic Cooperation Operation

The List of SAF Study Contracts Signed during December 2000

Type of StudySpecial Assistance for Project Formation (SAPROF)
CountrySri Lanka
Project NameLunawa Lake Environment Improvement and Community Development Project
Outline of StudyThe purpose of this project is to improve the drainage canals in the surrounding area of Lunawa Lake and to dredge the Lake located south of Colombo. The project also aims at infrastructure development in the residential district domiciled by low-income residents that is often inundated by flood water, thus mitigating the flood damage and improving the living environment.
The study will:
Review the overall planning of the flood control and water improvement project; advise on resident relocation measures and environmental assessment; and give recommendations to help establish a system that allows participation of residents and collaboration with NGOs and Japanese technological assistance.
PeriodDec. 2000 to Mar. 2001
Type of StudySpecial Assistance for Project Formation (SAPROF)
Project NameTan Son Nhat International Airport Terminal Development Project
Outline of StudyTan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City plays a significant role as the largest international airport in Vietnam and a window for the southern part of the country as a whole. The Vietnamese air traffic authority has continuously implemented terminal development projects to prepare the country for the future increase in air transportation demand. An expansion of the airport will accommodate 5 million passengers on both international and domestic flights combined upon completion that is due shortly. However, the number of passengers who use the airport is estimated to top 8 million in 2010. The purpose of the project is to build a new international airport terminal to meet this growth of demand.
The study will:
a) Review business scope, construction method, financing, implementation schedule, and other F/S issues; and b) verify the coordination of the Ho Chi Minh Cityユs long- and medium-term city development plan and the new airport program that stretches into the future.
PeriodDec. 2000 to Mar. 2001
Type of StudySpecial Assistance for Project Implementation(SAPI)
Project NameEnvironmental Project (Water Pollution Control)
Outline of StudyThe Project aims at implementing a wide-area environmental pollution control program that comprises 33 sub-projects in the basins of the Xiang River, Honan Province, and the Huai River, Henan Province, where serious water and air pollution problems are emerging amid rapid economic growth, thus helping to prevent further contamination.
The study will:
a) Grasp the current situation and problems of the project coordination system under the project executors, Japanese Loan Project Management Offices of the two Provinces; b) advise on improvement measures; and c) give necessary instructions for the ODA loan procedures, with an eye to ensuring smooth implementation. The study will also: a) conduct on-site inspections of individual sub-projects; b) identify their progress and problems; c) give advice required for the effective project implementation; and d) provide feedback on the common challenges shared by each sub-project through training sessions etc. This will be done on the basis of Japanユs past experiences in pollution control, in a bid to strengthen the post-completion maintenance and management arrangements of the sub-projects.
PeriodDec. 2000 to Mar. 2001


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