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Press Releases

FY 1999


2000.04.21Activities in March 2000


2000.03.31ODA Loan to Malaysia
2000.03.30ODA Loan to the United Mexican States
2000.03.29ODA Loan to Vietnam
2000.03.28Financing Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Turkey
2000.03.28JBIC Signs Untied Loan Protocol with Brazil's Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social
2000.03.28ODA Loans to China in FY1999
2000.03.23ODA Loan to Office National de l'Eau Potable of the Kingdom of Morocco
2000.03.23ODA Loans Extended for Tunisia's Rural Infrastructure Development
2000.03.16Activities in February 2000


2000.02.17Activities in January 2000
2000.02.01JBIC Representative Office Opens in Singapore


2000.01.31Loan Agreement with Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO)
2000.01.31ODA Loan to the Republic of Ghana
2000.01.28Loan for Cotton Spinning Mill Project in Uzbekistan
2000.01.25ODA Loan to the Republic of Indonesia
2000.01.20Activities in December 1999


1999.12.28The 23rd ODA Loan Package to the Republic of Philippines
1999.12.22JBIC Extends First Buyer's Credit to Romania
1999.12.22ODA Loan to the Republic of Turkey
1999.12.17JBIC Extends Buyer's Credit to Turkey
1999.12.16Activities in November 1999
1999.12.15JBIC Signs Loan Agreement for Untied Loan to Peru
1999.12.15ODA Loan to the Republic of Uzbekistan
1999.12.02ODA Loan to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
1999.12.01JBIC Strategic Framework for ODA loans


1999.11.29JBIC Extends Buyer's Credit to Peru
1999.11.29JBIC FY 1999 SURVEY
dThe Outlook of Japanese Foreign Direct Investment (PDF 167KB)
1999.11.18Activities in October 1999
1999.11.09JBIC Signs Loan with Government of China
1999.11.01JBIC Issues Inaugural Eurodollar Bond


1999.10.28JBIC Signs Protocol for Untied Loan to Peru
1999.10.26Activities in September 1999
1999.10.14ODA Loan to Azerbaijan Republic
1999.10.01Birth of Japan Bank for International Cooperation


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