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Press Releases

March 9, 2001

Overseas Economic Cooperation Operation

Japan-China Environmental Improvement Seminar Takes Place In Beijing
--Passing on Japan's Environmental Improvement Experience to China--

  • 1. The Japan-China Environmental Improvement Seminar was held today in Beijing under the joint auspices of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC; Governor: Hiroshi Yasuda), the Chinese Ministry of Finance and the Chinese State Environmental Protection Administration. The Seminar presented experiences acquired by Japanese companies in the 1970s in the area of environmental improvement. It took place at the Sino-Japan Friendship Center for Environmental Protection's International Conference Hall and was supported by the Japanese Embassy in China and the Japan International Cooperation Agency. Participants included about 300 executives from companies and factories in China.
  • 2. JBIC has made environmental protection one of its priority requirements in extending ODA loans to China and has actively assisted in environmental policy projects for individual cities and rivers. However, the financial support provided through these loans only benefit a limited area in China, considering the size of the country. In order to promote environmental improvement throughout China, it is necessary to raise environmental improvement awareness to a broader perspective, among concerned government officials, companies and factories. Implementation of the environmental policies is also called for. China is currently facing problems similar to those that confronted Japanese companies in the 1970s. Companies and factories are urged to carry out environmental improvement measures and at the same time streamline their corporate management in line with state enterprise reforms. The Seminar presented the experiences acquired by Japanese companies in the 1970s in tackling environment improvement issues with the aim to promote individual environment projects and to improve China's efforts related to environmental issues.
  • 3. The Seminar presented concrete examples in the electric power, steel, cement, and petrochemical industries by inviting lecturers who worked in the front lines in their company's environment department during the 1970s. They delivered with enthusiasm, speeches that shared experience and expertise that Japanese companies have accumulated in the area of environmental improvement. The participants responded with keen interest.
  • 4. JBIC regards this Seminar as an excellent example of the "Visibility of Japanese Aid" to maximize Japan's experience, and Japan plans to continue knowledge transfer activities in developing nations. Based on the needs of the Chinese side, JBIC plans to continue this Seminar by holding individual workshops by industry and by theme, to provide active support of China's environmental improvement efforts.


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