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Photo Gallery

Dreaming of a Return Home to Sudan

For more than twenty years civil war between north and south raged in Sudan, the largest country in Africa by area. Thousands of people perished as a result of the war while even more were forced from their homes, fleeing to other nations as refugees or seeking safety elsewhere in Sudan as internally displaced persons. In January 2005 the Sudanese government signed a comprehensive peace agreement with the southern-based Sudan People's Liberation Movement, bringing the conflict to an end.

In July 2006 the government of Southern Sudan was formed, and the city of Juba was made the capital of the region. The population of Juba has swelled as refugees returning from neighboring countries and internally displaced persons from across Southern Sudan gather there alongside longtime city residents. Building the infrastructure and training the human resources necessary to restore the social services and city functions that were destroyed during the conflict--things like water provision, education, and medical care--is an urgent development issue.

Photojournalist Yoshino Oishi has chronicled the lives of the various people living in Juba as well as JICA's efforts to assist peace building there.

Photos courtesy of Yoshino Oishi / JICA


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