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Press Releases

May, 15, 2009

Reforestation project supported by Technical Cooperation Registered as CDM Project
-Development Study on Capacity Development for AR-CDM Promotion in Vietnam-

A reforestation project proposed by the Study on Capacity Development for AR-CDM Promotion in Vietnam carried out by JICA in Vietnam was accepted as a small-scale forestation CDM project [1]. by the CDM Executive Board on April 28. [2]. AR-CDM stands for Afforestation/Reforestation Clean Development Mechanism.

The study, which ran from 2006 to 2009, was a collaborative effort by JICA, Vietnam Forestry University and the Research Center for Forest Ecology and Environment for supporting capacity building of government agencies and forming visions / action plans for promotion of AR-CDM. Part of the capacity building support included hands-on training on the procedures required to register a AR-CDM project from the planning stage through application to the CDM Executive Board. In addition to contribution to climate change measures by removal of carbon dioxide by sink, the project is expected to contribute to poverty alleviation of local residents through participatory forestation of production forests.

The project will plant forests on barren and grassy land in Cao Phong District, Hoa Binh Province, located in the northwest region of Vietnam. The forestation will cover 310 hectares of land that has become dilapidated due to forest cutting to create farmland. After the JICA study is complete, the project will be operated under the management of newly established social fund, which was set up by the Cao Phong District People’s Committee and the Vietnam Forestry University. Planned to run 16 years, the project is expect to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air by 43 thousand tons.

Approximately 320 farm households in Cao Phong District will engage in reforestation activities. In addition to compensation for the planting labor, residents will enjoy such benefits as income from lumber, fruit and other forest products after the forest has stabilized As the project will contribute to alleviating poverty for local residents in addition to rebuilding forests, it is expected to be a forestation model project for sustainable development in developing countries that incorporates shared goals of ODA and CDM.

As a result of JICA’s activities to raise support through the Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd. decided to provide a total of 3.5 billion Vietnamese dong (25 million yen) in project operation funds from 2008 to 2011 as part of their corporate social responsibility activities. As securing operating funds has been a hurdle to AR-CDMs as well as regular reforestation projects, this project will serve as a precedent on how to find private funding for future projects.

In addition to providing support through technical cooperation, JICA has registered projects backed by Japanese ODA loans as CDMs, [3]. and will continue to work toward sustainable development in developing countries through ODA utilizing variety of measures , meeting ODA and CDM shared objectives.

  • [1] The year 2008, in which the project formulation was accelerated, has been the year of 150 years anniversary of Japan-France friendship.
  • [2] Calculated as the ratio of households having access to safe water from a piped water and public stand post, a tube well, an protected dug well or vended water.
  • [3] Calculated as the percentage of water supply for which fees are uncollected due to pipe leaks and water theft.


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