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Press Releases

March 10, 2010

Japanese ODA Loan Signed with Romania
Toward Sustainable Development in the Capital, Bucharest

photosigning ceremony

1. On March 10, JICA President Sadako Ogata signed an agreement with the government of Romania for a Japanese ODA loan up to 41.870 billion yen for the Bucharest International Airport Access Link Project in attendance of Romanian President His Excellency Mr. Basescu and Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Hatoyama.

2. Under this project, 16 kilometers of railroad will be constructed in Romania’s capital of Bucharest to improve access between the center of Bucharest to the Henri Coandă International Airport as well as providing transportation for students and business people that connects the new development area in north Bucharest and the central part of the city. At the same time, the project promotes the use of railway, which will contribute to environmental improvement by reducing car traffic and congestion. The loan funds for this project will be allocated to civil works and consulting services, including tender assistance and construction monitoring.

Bucharest has flourished since the fifteenth century as a crossroads for trade in Eastern Europe. So beautiful, it has been called the Paris of the East. Following the economic chaos that occurred after the collapse of the Ceauşescu regime, international economic activity is vibrant in Romania, supported by the solid economic development since 2000. Boosted by Romania’s membership in the EU in 2007, the number of passengers using the international airport is expected to double between 2006 and 2015 to 6.3 million. The present access between the airport and Bucharest is provided primarily by vehicles including taxis, which creates bad congestion. Therefore improving public transport is an urgent need.

4. Along with the economic development in Bucharest (population two million according to Bucharest city in 2008) and accompanying suburb development, the population is expected to increase, which will bring about a higher number of vehicles that will flood the city. As a market economy has steadily taken root, the balance between economic development and the urban environment has become a critical policy issue, one that this project will help solve.


Project Map (PDF/230KB)


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