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Press Releases

April 9, 2010

For Securing the Lifeline of the Asia-Europe Sea Lane
- Support to Yemen for Combating Piracy

1. To establish a maritime safety system across the waters off Somalia and the Gulf of Aden, JICA (President: Sadako Ogata) has decided to dispatch a preparatory study team (PST) to Yemen, one of the area’s coastal countries that has a certain level of maritime security capability. The purpose of this mission is to collect the information and basic data for the construction of patrol vessels in order to further improve the capacity of Yemeni Coast Guard.

2. The waters in question are critical in terms of sea lane between Asia and Europe, where around two thousand ships associated to Japan travel annually. Recently, piracy activities have been frequently observed across the area, posing a serious threat to Japan’s international sea lane. Ensuring the safety of a maritime security off Somalia is an urgent task.

3. To address this task, this PST plans to discuss the issue with the Yemeni government and other parties concerned.

photoMaritime law enforcement training implemented in Japan in 2009

4. Previously, Southeast Asia, especially the Malacca-Singapore Strait that was one of the most important international sea lanes suffered serious damage from piracy. Coastal countries in the region as well as international society have strengthened their measures against pirates. JICA also strongly supported these measures in cooperation with the Japan Coast Guard by helping to improve their capability, and by providing sea lane supports including the coastal radio network and lighthouses. The number of piracy activities around the Strait and other Southeast Asia has reduced from 170 in 2003 to 83 in 2006, 70 in 2007 and ultimately 54 in 2008. The Japanese contributions have been highly appreciated by international society.

5. Exploiting this experience, JICA plans to provide patrol vessels to Yemen and to develop human resources for the Yemeni Coast Guard in collaboration with Yemen and other countries supporting Yemen including England, US and France.

photophotoMaritime law enforcement training implemented in Japan in 2009


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