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Press Releases

April 27, 2010

Memorandum Concluded with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile
Support for Earthquakes Based on Japan's Experience and Knowledge for Disaster Prevention and Reconstruction

photoSigning ceremony

On April 27, JICA and Chile's Minister of Foreign Affairs signed a memorandum concerning technical cooperation that JICA will provide in connection with the massive earthquake that struck Chile at the end of February, by utilizing Japan's past knowledge and experience on earthquakes.

In a telephone conference with President Piñera on March 25, Prime Minister Hatoyama expressed Japan's intention to cooperate with Chile for the disaster which occurred early morning on February 27 local time and had a magnitude of 8.8.

This memorandum, which was developed based on the above official announcement of cooperation, aims to facilitate cooperation of both parties for the prompt formation of projects to support reconstruction and enhancement of the capacity to cope with disasters.

JICA has been providing training courses and dispatching Japanese experts by utilizing Japan's knowledge and experience on reconstruction and disaster prevention. Such past support for Chile has included designing anti-seismic structures and formulating a national land plan that takes into account the alleviation of damage caused by earthquakes and the risks of disasters.

As for the damage caused by the February earthquake, complete destruction of the reinforced concrete buildings has not been extensive, which indicates that Chile has developed anti-seismic standards for buildings which are effective to a certain level. JICA's technical cooperation will be focused on the provision of Japan's knowledge and experience to enhance the knowledge and capacity already established in Chile to further improve the earthquake resistance of buildings and alleviate damage from earthquakes.


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