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Press Releases

May 27, 2010

JICA Signs MOU with Development Bank of Southern Africa
Establishing a Cooperative Framework to Promote Socioeconomic Development in Southern Africa

Signing ceremony

On May 27, JICA and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) [1] signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the support of socioeconomic development in the Southern Africa Region. The agreement was signed at JICA’s Tokyo headquarters, by JICA Senior Vice-president Kenzo Oshima and DBSA Director and CEO Paul Baloyi.

The purpose of the MOU is to support socioeconomic development in the Southern Africa Region while strengthening ties between the DBSA, which has significant experience working in the region, and JICA, which is actively forming projects in the region to achieve its pledge made at the Fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD IV). The specific areas addressed in the agreement are: 1) Exchange of information of mutual interest, especially regional infrastructure development (transport, power pool, water, etc), 2) Organizing joint or multi-lateral actions on development issues such as seminars, research, knowledge management (including Knowledge Management Africa), 3) Collaboration in identification of projects in such areas as economic and social infrastructure development, private sector development, poverty reduction, and other areas, 4) Joint assistance, including, for example, technical assistance on development projects , 5) Collaboration in capacity building of each organization, including staff training, and 6) Share of research, project and development experiences in Africa.

Through this MOU, JICA is further strengthening ties to the DBSA, and aims to provide Africa with support yielding an enhanced level of results based on the Yokohama Action Plan [2] agreed to at TICAD IV.

  • [1] The DBSA was founded in 1983 as a regional development financial institution to support development and alleviate poverty in the Southern Africa Region primarily by funding infrastructure development projects in member states of the Southern African Development Community. JICA has provided cooperation in such forms as Japanese ODA loans, dispatching specialists and third country training in relation to development financial institutions in the Southern Africa Region.
  • [2] The Yokohama Action Plan was agreed to at TICAD IV in May 2008 in Yokohama, Japan. It lays out a five-year roadmap with specific forms of support to Africa to be provided under the TICAD process.


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