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Press Releases

April 28, 2010

Support for Reconstruction after Haiti Earthquake Based on Japan's Experience and Knowledge
Urgent Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Support Project to Start


1. Today, JICA began work on the Urgent Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Support Project for Haiti based on an agreement with the Haitian government to implement a seamless transition from emergency humanitarian aid to reconstruction-oriented aid in Haiti in response to massive earthquake damage.

2. The massive earthquake which struck Haiti on January 12 has caused unprecedented damage in terms of human lives lost and injured people. Of the approximately 3.7 million people affected by the earthquake, there are 222,000 dead, 310,000 injured and 59,000 whose whereabouts are unknown (according to data released by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on February 25). Additionally, according to the Haitian government, an estimated 7.8 billion dollar in damage resulted, an amount equivalent to 120 percent of the Haitian gross domestic product (GDP) in 2009. In response to the situation, the international community announced aid totaling approximately 10 billion dollars over three years at an international aid conference for Haiti held in New York on March 31, with the Japanese government announcing approximately 100 million dollars in aid for emergency humanitarian and reconstruction assistance.

3. Having dispatched an emergency medical team immediately after the earthquake occurred, JICA continues to provide aid to Haiti, though the aid process is approaching the point when a transition must be made from the emergency humanitarian phase to the reconstruction phase. Ensuring this progresses smoothly without interruption has become an issue for post-disaster assistance. To carry out seamless assistance during this period, JICA decided to begin the Urgent Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Support Project for Haiti after carrying out a Post Disaster Needs Assessment(PDNA) with the Haitian government, the United Nations, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and others as well as subsequent on-going on-site surveys.

4. The project will last 18 months from today and will include the following types of cooperation:

  • 4-1. Rehabilitation projects toward reconstructing living conditions in the disaster areas including the restoration of the Léogâne regional water supply system
  • 4-2. Assistance for post-earthquake infrastructure and disaster area reconstruction plan formulation implemented by the Haitian government (taking into account deconcentralization and local development as well as disaster prevention)
  • 4-3. Verification of additional assistance needs for reconstruction as well as technical surveys

5. On May 30, an expert team comprising JICA staff and consultants from Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd is scheduled to depart for Haiti. JICA will continue to promote Haitian reconstruction using Japan’s experience and knowledge in the area of earthquake reconstruction.


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