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Press Releases

August 16, 2010

Signing of Japanese ODA Loan with the Republic of Kenya – Contribution to food security in Kenya through the development of rice and horticultural crops –

1. On August 16th, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a Japanese ODA loan agreement with the Government of the Republic of Kenya in Nairobi to finance up to 13.178 billion yen for the Mwea Irrigation Development Project.

2. The Mwea division in central Kenya (about 100km northeast of the capital, Nairobi) [1] produces over 50% of the national production of rice. The JICA-supported project will strengthen capacity in the area to operate, maintain, and manage core irrigation infrastructure. It will also improve irrigation facilities to provide a stable supply of the water required by agriculture in the area. The project is expected to enable double-cropping (two harvests per year) of rice and horticultural crops, as well as to improve the productivity of rice and other crops by expanding the total cultivated area from 7,860 ha to 16,920 ha in the project area. Through these efforts, the project aims to contribute to the improvement of food security in Kenya and to the livelihoods of farmers in the region.

3. As most agriculture in Kenya depends upon rainfall, crop production is easily influenced by weather. The country is frequently beset by droughts and food shortages, making the development of irrigation to stably supply agricultural water a key issue from the standpoint of food security. Development of the Mwea irrigation area is positioned as a national flagship project within the Vision 2030, long-term national development plan, formulated by the Kenyan government in 2008.

4. The Yokohama Action Plan put forth at the 4th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD IV) advocated improving Africa's capacity to increase its food production and to improve agricultural productivity. Based on that call to action, JICA is promoting the Coalition for African Rice Development (CARD), an initiative to double rice production in Africa within 10 years. Within the CARD initiative, the Kenyan government has set a goal of boosting domestic rice production from 73,000 tons in 2008 to 178,000 tons within 10 years of then. JICA will continue to support initiatives, including the announced project, to increase rice production in Africa.


1. Terms and Amounts of Loan

Project titleAmount (million yen)Annual interest rate (%)Repayment Period
Deferment period
ProjectConsulting services
Mwea Irrigation Development Project13,1781.200.013010General untied

2. Executing Agency

National Irrigation Board
Address: Unyunyuzi House, Lenana Road, Nairobi, Kenya, P.O. Box 30372, 00100
Phone: +254 20 2711380, Fax: +254 20 2722821

3. Planned Implementation Schedule

  • (i) Completion of project: November 2016 (when the facilities are put into service)
  • (ii) Issuing of letters of invitation for consulting services (including detailed design work): July 2010 (already sent)
  • (iii) Tender announcement of initial procurement package for international competitive bidding on project construction:
    Procurement package title: Civil Works 1 (Agricultural Dam Construction), Civil Work 2 (Irrigation and Drainage Facilities Construction) Release date: November 2011


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