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Press Releases

October 13, 2010

Summary of Grant Aid Agreements for the Second Quarter of FY 2010

1. During the second quarter of FY 2010, from July to September, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a total of 20 grant aid agreements.

A complete list of these agreements is provided in the Appendix [1]. Key details are provided below for one of the main projects for which agreements were signed this quarter.

2. While Vietnam is blessed with water resources, torrential rains and floods frequently cause damage during the rainy season. JICA has constructed many small-scale reservoirs, particularly in the central region where steep, hilly lands press up against the coastline, with the objectives of ensuring a supply of water for agriculture, preventing floods and managing water flow throughout the year.

Quang Ngai Province, located in the central region, has more than 100 small-scale reservoirs, but they are subject to leaks due to deterioration and overflow because they are not built high enough. There are concerns that if any reservoirs should burst, immense damage could occur to not only to residents themselves but also to life and social infrastructures such as main roads and railroads. Additionally, it is difficult to ensure adequate water for agriculture due to an inadequate volume of stored water, as well as a lack of facilities such as irrigation ditches and water intake facilities.

Because of these circumstances, JICA is implementing the Project for Rehabilitation of Small-Scale Reservoirs in Quang Ngai Province (grant aid agreement amount: 698 million yen) [2]. Under this project, seven severely deteriorated reservoirs with and their related facilities will be repaired and improved, in an effort to reduce the risk of breaches and ensure the safety of residents. By increasing the volume of effective reservoir water and providing a stable supply of water for agriculture, farming productivity in the target region will expand, improving the lives of farmers.

Community organizations including a public irrigation management company and an agricultural cooperative will be in charge of the infrastructures for maintaining and managing the restored reservoirs. JICA has established a model for participation-based management by farmers through the Capacity Development of Participatory Irrigation Management System through Vietnam Institute for Water Resources Research (VIWRR) for Improvement of Agricultural Productivity in Vietnam, a technical cooperation project, and is using the results of that project to provide indirect assistance to help community organizations manage water and reservoirs more efficiently.

Furthermore, JICA is working to strengthen the capacity for community-based disaster response through the Project for Building Disaster Resilient Societies in Central Region, a technical cooperation project. The reservoir maintenance and management building constructed under this project is equipped with rainfall recording and warning devices, which will serve to bolster the disaster prevention and evacuation system for residents.

The Vietnamese Government has made the improvement of agricultural production efficiency and the development of regions vulnerable to disaster focal points in their socioeconomic development plan. Through this plan and technical cooperation, JICA is providing multi-faceted assistance to successfully implement these policies.


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