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Press Releases

November 1, 2010

Joint Seminar among China Eximbank, Korea Eximbank (EDCF), NEDA
- First attempt to share experiences and challenges among east Asian donors -

PhotoJoint Seminar among China Eximbank, Korea Eximbank(EDCF), NEDA

JICA, the Export-Import Bank of China (the China Eximbank), the Economic Development Cooperation Fund of the Export-Import Bank of Korea, and the Neighbouring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (NEDA) of Thailand held a joint seminar in Bangkok on October 29th, 2010, to strengthen the partnership among east Asian donors.

JICA has been strengthening partnership with respective institution by holding individual workshops on bilateral basis. This joint seminar is the first attempt to bring all these institutions together to share the experiences as well as discuss challenges based upon the good partnership and trust established with JICA so far.

The seminar provided a venue for all institutions to inform each other of their current operations and policies including environmental and social guidelines.

PhotoDiscussion break out meeting time

The China Eximbank was established by the Chinese Government as a governmental financial institution in 1994. In addition to financial support for promoting import/export and foreign investment by Chinese companies, the China Eximbank provides low-interest long-term concessional lending to foreign countries as a part of foreign economic cooperation by the Chinese Government. China is, along with its own remarkable growth, rapidly strengthening its role as a provider of foreign economic cooperation to other countries. In light of this, in order to deepen understanding of both institutions' operations and further partnership between them, the China Eximbank and JICA have held joint workshops three times since March 2008 to discuss and share operational information and knowledge regarding project appraisal and monitoring, ex-post evaluation, risk management, etc.

The Government of South Korea became a member of the DAC under OECD in January 2010 and is playing an active role in the international area by raising development issues as part of the main agenda for recently held G20 meeting. Moreover, South Korea has target to increase the volume of its Official Development Assistance (ODA) up to three billion USD by 2015, which is a threefold increase from current volume. KEXIM-EDCF and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) are expected to play a major role to achieve this goal. The KEXIM-EDCF is a group established within the Export-Import Bank of Korea in 1987 in order to implement Korea's bilateral ODA loan operations. KOICA was established in 1991 to provide technical cooperation as well as grant assistance.

Thailand is, along with its own remarkable development, gradually expanding its role as a provider of ODA to other countries in recent years, transforming from the recipient status. NEDA is an organization established in May 2005 under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance of Thailand, in order to implement Thailand's bilateral financial cooperation and associated technical cooperation for economic infrastructure development in its neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Lao PDR.

In the Asian region, in addition to China, Korea and Thailand, there is a growing tendency for countries such as India and Malaysia, to actively assist other developing countries. JICA is proactively establishing and deepening partnership with the economic development agencies of these countries by participating in the Asia Development Cooperation Meeting (ADCM) at Seoul in this November and holding joint seminars in the future.


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