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Press Releases

December 8, 2010

First Consultative Meeting with Korea International Cooperation Agency
- Further enhancing collaboration between development agencies of Korea and Japan toward High Level Forum 4 -


JICA and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) held a first consultative meeting in Tokyo on 7th and 8th December to further strengthen collaboration between the two institutions. The meeting was held by the request of Mr. Park Dae-Won, the President of KOICA, when Ms. Sadako Ogata, President of JICA made a courtesy visit to KOICA headquarters in Seoul on September 2nd, this year.

The first consultative meeting, headed by the Vice-President of both institutions, provided a venue to introduce each other their current operations and policies on issues including project evaluation and overseas volunteer activities. Both of them situate these as potential areas of collaboration in the future, and they discussed the actual operations and shared information on their overall operational strategies. They also exchanged views on current activities towards the High Level Forum 4 (HLF4) of OECD, which would provide a great influence on development assistance framework after the Paris Declaration, especially on how to disseminate and utilize the result of joint research activities among KOICA-JICA-Brookings Institute. Upon completion of the discussion, KOICA officials visited JICA Global Plaza at Hiroo created to serve as a hub for citizen participation in international cooperation.

The Government of South Korea became a member of the DAC under OECD in January 2010 and is playing an active role in the international development agenda by raising development issues as part of the main agenda for G20 meeting held last month. Furthermore, the Government of South Korea will host the HLF4 November 2011, and is also keen to chair COP18 to be held in 2012. Moreover, South Korea has a target to increase the volume of its Official Development Assistance (ODA) up to three billion USD by 2015, which is a threefold increase from current volume. KOICA and Economic Development Cooperation Fund of the Export-Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM-EDCF) are expected to play a major role to achieve this goal. KOICA was established in April 1991 in order to implement Korea's bilateral ODA grant and technical cooperation operations.

JICA provided assistance for the smooth set-up of KOICA by accepting trainees to learn operations and institutional arrangements at the time of KOICA establishment. This form of short-term training continues until now, and other form of join training programs is implemented after 2000 in the field of environmental conservation on air and water quality etc. Moreover, joint supplemental technical cooperation projects have been conducted in Afghanistan as well as in Cambodia, and currently joint research programs are also implemented including the Brookings Institute. Recently, KOICA launched "Global Village", which is similar to JICA Global Plaza, to enhance understanding of the general public of Korea on international cooperation to the general public of Korea. As a result, the partnership between KOICA and JICA has been strengthened in many different fields.

In the Asian region, in addition to Korea, there is a growing tendency for countries such as China, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia to actively assist other developing countries. JICA will proactively establish and deepen partnership relations with the international development cooperation agencies of these countries.


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