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Press Releases

August 3, 2011

Inauguration of Office in Baghdad, the Capital of Iraq to Support Self-Sustaining Development in Iraq

1. On August 1st, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) established its office in Baghdad (hereinafter referred to as Iraq office), the capital of Iraq. By basing Iraq office in the capital, Baghdad, JICA aims to promote further acceleration and facilitation in supporting the recovery and development of post-war Iraq.

2. With the establishment of the stated Iraq office, the office established in Erbil of the Kurdistan Region in March 2009 will be implementing support for the Kurdistan Region.

3. Due to the repeated conflicts and economic sanctions by the international society since the 1980s, Iraq's basic infrastructural service functions such as electricity and water have drastically been impaired. The living standards of the people were thus plunged into a very severe situation. JICA, after the Iraq War, has been implementing financial assistance totaling up to 5 billion dollars (approximately 3.5 billion dollars in ODA loan and 1.5 billion dollars in grant) that the Japanese Government announced in the International Donors' Conference on the Reconstruction of Iraq (2003) in the fields of electricity, oil, port and harbor, water and sewerage, medicine, etc. In addition, to contribute to human resource development and the enhancement of administrative capabilities, JICA has since been accepting more than 4,400 Iraqis as trainees.

4. The reconstruction and development of Iraq contributes to the stabilization of the Middle East region and is essential to Japan's energy policy. Therefore, with the reinforcement of the foundations for economic growth, the vitalization of the private sector, the improvement of the quality of living and the strengthening of governance as four main pillars for assistance, JICA shall leverage its bases in the field at full extent and continue to cooperate for the self sustaining development of Iraq.


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