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Press Releases

October 25, 2011

Comprehensive Partnership Agreement Signed with the City of Yokohama
–Strengthening cooperation to solve urban problems in developing regions–

PhotoMayor Hayashi (left) and President Ogata after signing the partnership agreement

Today, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with the City of Yokohama. The objectives of the agreement are to carry out efficient and effective international cooperation in developing countries, to further develop Yokohama as an international city open to the world, and to contribute to the development of developing countries and to world stability. JICA President Sadako Ogata and Yokohama Mayor Fumiko Hayashi attended the signing ceremony on October 25 and signed the agreement.

Since JICA's Yokohama International Center was established in 2002, JICA and the City of Yokohama have built a cooperative relationship spanning a diverse range of fields, including technical cooperation in receiving training participants from developing countries and dispatching Japanese specialists to developing countries, and jointly sponsoring international cooperation events for citizens.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, a renewed appreciation has developed for the mutual dependency between Japan and the world. JICA and the City of Yokohama are considering strengthening their relationship to respond to new issues abroad and in Japan, including the promotion of a public-private partnership,Yokohama Partanership of Resources and Technologies (Y-PORT), that is an initiative of the City of Yokohama. The comprehensive partnership agreement was concluded with the expectation of further development of JICA's projects and a contribution to the long-term strategy of the City of Yokohama.

The agreement will strengthen the relationship with the City of Yokohama over a wide range of projects that JICA is involved with, and this is the first comprehensive partnership agreement for JICA with a local government .

The signing of the agreement is also a promotion opportunity for the following major programs that JICA and the City of Yokohama jointly implement:

  1. Technical cooperation including the acceptance of technical training participants from developing countries, the dispatching of Japanese experts to developing countries, and the implementation of JICA Partnership Program (JPP)
  2. Public-private partnerships toward solving urban issues in developing countries
  3. Participation in JICA volunteer activities by Yokohama citizens
  4. Education for international understanding at schools and other institutions in Yokohama
  5. International conferences and events related to international cooperation
  6. Staff training at the two organizations

With the signing of the agreement in place, the two organizations will maintain and further promote the partnership they have had to date. In terms of cooperation in new fields, they will also work together on assistance projects toward solving urban problems in developing countries through JICA's private sector partnership projects and Y-PORT, public-private partnerships promoted by the City of Yokohama. Jointly sponsored seminars and forums targeted at businesses in Yokohama are also planned with a focus on overseas development.

Also, seminars and other events relating to "women and economics" will be co-sponsored as a part of the Program for Women Entrepreneurs proposed by Mayor Hayashi at the APEC Women and the Economy Summit, and JICA's expertise in promoting women's social participation in developing countries will be utilized.


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