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Press Releases

January 30, 2012

Summary of Grant Aid Agreements for the Third Quarter of 2011

During the third quarter of FY 2011, from October to December, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a total of nine grant aid agreements.

A complete list of these agreements is provided in the Appendix. Key details are provided below for one of the main projects for which an agreement was signed this quarter.

Republic of Tajikistan: The Project for the Rehabilitation of Kurgan Tyube - Dusti Road (Phase2)

The road network of Tajikistan, located in inland Central Asia, is utilized not only for the domestic distribution of goods but as an international corridor for trade with neighboring countries, and the trunk roadways are the core of economic activity. Most of the network was constructed during the Soviet period, but during the some 10 years of civil war since independence in 1991, the roads have become worn and damaged, hindering economic activity.

In response, the government of Japan has provided support for road repairs of Tajikistan's A384 national highway (International Trunk Road N-11), which connects the capital of Dushanbe and the Afghanistan border, through the Project for the Improvement of Dusty-Nizhniy Pyandzh Road (2006 to 2008: 23.7 kilometers) and the Project for the Rehabilitation of Kurgan Tyube - Dusti Road (2008 to 2011).

The project targets an unimproved interval of 17.9 kilometers on A384, and with completion of the construction, the entire route between Dusti and the Afghanistan border will be improved, promoting domestic distribution of goods as well as enabling the transportation of commodities to Afghanistan. In addition to the flow of goods between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, it is expected that this regional trunk roadway will promote the distribution of goods for the greater Central Asia region and invigorate the agriculture and tourism industries through an increase in the volume of agricultural products and the number of travelers transported.

The Kurgan Tyube - Dusti Road will deepen the relationship between the two countries, exemplified by a marathon sponsored by Dai Nippon Construction and NIPPO, the companies performing the construction, held in November 2011 with approximately 600 local entrants. That event was chosen because the entire length of the road will be 42.14 kilometers, nearly exactly the length of a full marathon.


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