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Press Releases

May 13, 2015

14 Projects Selected for SATREPS
Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development

SATREPS is a science and technology diplomacy initiative that promotes international joint research using advanced science and technology from Japan. The program is a collaboration between JICA, “Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)” and “Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)”.

SATREPS aspires to acquire new knowledge which may become the key to tackle global issues, like Environment/Energy, Bioresources, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, and Infectious Diseases Control, and also aspires to encourage the future use of acquired knowledge in society. The program aims at the human resource development and capacity-building of researchers and research institutes in developing countries through science and technology joint research cooperation with research institutes in Japan based on social needs in developing countries.

The following projects have been provisionally selected for FY2015.


SATREPS in three research areas—Environment/Energy, Bioresources, and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation —is collaborated between JICA and JST. SATREPS in the Infectious Diseases Control research area is collaborated between JICA and AMED.

JICA will start the projects in cooperation with JST and AMED, after the conclusion of international agreements with governments of the partner countries. JICA will support project implementations in partner countries in cooperation with the research institutes in Japan. JST and AMED will support the research institutes for the project activities and expenses occurred in Japan.



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