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Press Releases

June 16, 2015

Signing of Grant Agreements with the Kingdom of Cambodia
Supporting sustainable growth in Cambodia by building water supply infrastructure and human resource development for government officials

photoSigning ceremony

On June 16, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed grant agreements (G/A) with the Royal Government of Cambodia to provide grant aid of up to a total of 3.282 billion yen for assistance for two projects.

In its National Strategic Development Plan for 2014 to 2018, the Royal Government of Cambodia has prioritized improving the access rate to safe drinking water, and capacity building and human development. These projects will contribute to support sustainable growth in Cambodia.

The projects under the grant aid agreements are described below.

(1) The Project for Expansion of Water Supply System in Kampot (total amount of aid: 2.985 billion yen)

In the 1950s, a water supply system that included a water distribution and supply network was installed in Kampot, the capital of Kampot Province in the southern part of Cambodia, but the water purification plant was destroyed during the civil war. In 1993, a Dutch non-governmental organization provided restoration assistance in the form of a simple direct water distribution system utilizing river water, and the existing water purification plant underwent comprehensive reconstruction and repairs with assistance from the Asian Development Bank in 2006. However, water services are a challenge with the water supply rate being merely 47 percent due to an inadequate purification plant supply capacity, an inadequate water distribution pipe network and deterioration of some of the water distribution pipes. As Kampot is located near the sea, some of the groundwater is unsuited for drinking, and therefore many residents cannot use wells, making expanding the water facilities with a safe water source a priority.

This project will expand and improve the water supply system in Kampot, improving the access rate to safe water and improving the provision of safe water services, thereby improving the living environment for residents.


photoDesign of the completed Kampot purification plant

(2) The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship (total amount of aid: 299 million yen)

As there is inadequate capacity among the employees, structures, organizations and public finances of government ministries and related agencies that handle development issues in Cambodia, improving the capacity of officials and institutional development are the greatest challenges the country faces. Through this human resource development initiative, it is expected that Cambodian government officials who attend Japanese graduate schools to acquire knowledge aimed at improving those challenges will be able to effectively address priority development problems in Cambodia such as strengthening the economic base and promoting social development.

This project will support up to 24 people in obtaining master’s degrees at Japanese universities. This project aims to train younger officials who work on socioeconomic development in Cambodia and are expected to carry out important roles in the core of government. In addition, this scholarship program is expected to lead to a stronger bilateral partnership between Japan and Cambodia through the building of human networks.



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