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Press Releases

November 30, 2016

Signing of Grant Agreement with Cambodia: Strengthening the transportation capacity and improving traffic through public bus procurement

On November 30, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a grant agreement (G/A) with the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, the capital city, to provide grant aid of up to 1.396 billion yen for The Project for Improvement of Transportation Capacity of Public Bus in Phnom Penh.
This project will procure public buses for use in Phnom Penh where traffic congestion has become a serious challenge.

With the economic development and rapid urbanization of recent years, the number of registered automobiles has increased in Phnom Penh, resulting in serious traffic congestion and a worsening urban environment. The population, which has also been growing, is predicted to reach 2.87 million people in 2035, 1.7 times the population of 2013. Given that there are a large number of deaths being caused by traffic accidents and that rising incomes are expected to boost the number of vehicles even further, sweeping traffic measures need to be formulated and implemented.

In September 2014, Phnom Penh established Phnom Penh City Bus Authority to manage the city’s public bus routes, but the fare rates were set low, restricting revenue and causing budgetary constraints to the extent that an adequate number of buses cannot be procured. As a result, bus transportation has not replaced automobiles and scooters, and there has been no improvement in the traffic congestion. In order to develop a safe, convenient public bus network that eliminates congestion, Phnom Penh aims to create 10 bus routes by 2020, and procuring buses for those new bus routes is a priority.

Implementation of this project is expected to increase the public transportation capacity, improving the traffic conditions in the target region. In combination with this project, JICA is providing technical cooperation to strengthen the operation and management system at Phnom Penh City Bus Authority, including a review of the fare rates and improvements to the bus inspection and maintenance capacity, thereby providing comprehensive support for the bus enterprise infrastructure.



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