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Press Releases

May 1, 2017

Signing of Grant Agreement with Mozambique: Replacing three deteriorated bridges in the Nacala Corridor for efficient goods distribution

photosigning ceremony

On April 28, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a grant agreement with the Government of the Republic of Mozambique in Maputo to provide grant aid of up to 3.419 billion yen for the Project for Construction of Bridges on N380 in Cabo Delgado Province.

The project will rehabilitate three bridges along National Highway 380, which is in Cabo Delgado Province and part of the Nacala Corridor that connects Mozambique and Malawi. This rehabilitation will make the flow of goods efficient within the region, stimulate the economy of the surrounding region and contribute to living improvements for local residents.

Running north-south from the northernmost point of Mozambique through the Nacala Corridor, National Highway 380 plays the role of connecting the Mtwara Corridor and the Nacala Corridor, both of which extend east and west. It is also a key access road for advancing the development of natural gas in the north of Mozambique off the coast of Ruvuma in the Indian Ocean. However, there are obstacles to goods distribution through the region, such as that many of the bridges along the road are temporary and ill-suited for large vehicles, and that during the rainy season, there are periods when the Messalo I, Messalo III and Mapuede Bridges that cross the Messalo River Basin are impassable due to flooding. Having suffered damage and deterioration particularly from the river flow during the rainy season, the three bridges are in danger of collapsing.

The project will replace the Messalo I, Messalo III and Mapuede Bridges (total length of 350 meters), eliminating the obstruction of traffic due to flooding and making it possible for large vehicles to pass, and it is expected that the time to travel between the key junctions along National Highway 380 will be greatly shortened. It is also expected that this initiative will improve the north-south goods distribution network for the Nacala Corridor, stimulate trade in the surrounding regions and promote development of the regional economy.

[Basic project information]
Country Republic of Mozambique
Project title The Project for Construction of Bridges on N380 in Cabo Delgado Province
Planned implementation period 42 months, including detailed design work and the bidding period
Executing agency National Roads Administration
Target region, facilities Messalo I, Messalo III and Mapuede Bridges on National Highway 380 in Cabo Delgado Province
Specific project details (provisional) (1) Facility construction
Replacement of three bridges (total length of 350 meters) in the target region
(2) Consulting services
Detailed design work, construction supervision


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