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Press Releases

March 28, 2018

Signing of Grant Agreement with Pakistan: Contributing to a higher level of safety at major international airports by providing airport security equipment

photosigning ceremony

On March 27, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a grant agreement with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Islamabad to provide grant aid of up to 2.392 billion yen for the Project for Improvement of Airport Security (Phase 2).

The project will provide airport security equipment to major international airports (in Faisalabad, Islamabad, Karachi and Multan) in Pakistan, contributing to a higher level of safety for airport users.

Pakistan is facing challenges of confrontations between ethnic groups as well as between Islamic denominations both internationally and domestically. Pakistan is also expected to play an important role in the fight against terrorism in the region. The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, the agency responsible for airport management, has released the “National Aviation Policy 2015” and has been working to boost security measures at airports. Also, as a result of efforts by the security authorities of Pakistan, the annual number of terrorism incidents in the country is declining. However, boosting security at major international airports is a priority because of the key role airports have in economic activities involving transporting people. Because of the increasing number of passengers using those airports, further improvements to the carry-on and checked baggage inspection level and security system are needed in particular at the project target airports.

The project is expected to enable the inspections of such items as carry-on baggage and vehicles in accordance with international standards, enhance the detection accuracy of hazardous items and contribute to a higher level of safety for users of major airports.

[Basic project information]
Country Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Project title The Project for Improvement of Airport Security (Phase 2)
Planned implementation period 42 months, including detailed design work and the bidding period
Executing agency Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority
Target region, facilities Faisalabad International Airport, Jinnah International Airport (Karachi), Multan International Airport, New Islamabad International Airport
Specific project details (provisional) (1) Facility improvements, equipment procurement
Detection devices for carry-on and checked baggage, vehicle and large cargo X-ray inspection devices, other
(2) Consulting services
Detailed design work, bidding assistance, procurement supervision


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