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Press Releases

April 23, 2018

Signing of Grant Agreement for Afghanistan: Supporting road improvements in Kabul through a partnership with UNOPS

On April 23, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a grant agreement with the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) to provide grant aid of up to 1.25 billion yen for the Project for Improvement of Access in the South-East Area of Kabul City.

The project will expand and rehabilitate an existing road connecting the southwest and east areas of Kabul, construct a new bridge, and build a traffic intersection, thereby alleviating urban traffic congestion and stimulating the transportation of goods, contributing to the economic development of Afghanistan.

Approximately two million in 1999, the population in the central part of Kabul exceeded four million in 2017 and is projected to continue increasing. The transportation volume is increasing steadily in proportion to the population increase, but the road and bridge infrastructure has not kept pace. The trunk road network of Kabul is radial with a concentration of traffic toward the city core, through which traffic travelling east-west passes, and has particularly severe traffic congestion due to narrow road width, hindering the smooth flow of urban traffic and the goods transportation network.

The project will alleviate traffic congestion with a road connecting the southwest and east areas of Kabul, and contribute to improvements in road traffic between Kabul and other major cities, and community stability through better goods transportation, and to improvements in the lives of residents who live in the Kabul area.

In addition to this project, JICA is combining technical cooperation to construct roads and strengthen maintenance and management capacity, comprehensively supporting road improvements, maintenance and management in Kabul.

[Basic project information]
Country Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Project title The Project for Improvement of Access in the South-East Area of Kabul City
Planned implementation period 24 months, including detailed design work and the bidding period
Executing agency City of Kabul, UNOPS
Target region, facilities Kabul
Specific project details (provisional) (1) Improvements and widening of approximately 1.7 kilometers of the Maslakh Road
(2) Construction of the New Makroyan Bridge (approximately 50 meters)
(3) Creation of a roundabout intersection (approximately 200 meters) at Abdul Haq Square


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