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  • Signing of Grant Agreement with the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Constructing a judo and sports center to contribute to the consolidation of peace through the promotion of sports and youth development

Press Releases

May 29, 2018

Signing of Grant Agreement with the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Constructing a judo and sports center to contribute to the consolidation of peace through the promotion of sports and youth development

photosigning ceremony

On May 28, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a grant agreement with the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in Kinshasa, the capital city, to provide grant aid of up to 1.395 billion yen for the Project for Construction of Judo and Sports Center.

The project will construct an indoor sports center in Kinshasa and provide equipment for the center. It will be the first indoor sports facility in the country designed primarily for judo.

Ball games, martial arts and sports in general are popular in the DRC. Among them, judo has become as popular as soccer. An estimated 5,000 people practice judo in Kinshasa alone, partly because Japanese people introduced it and have provided judo instruction to the locals since the 1970s. The National Congolese Police, the executing agency of the project, has adopted judo as a training means to enhance physical strength and the discipline of police officers, while offering training opportunities to citizens, especially youths. Also, the Government of the DRC promotes international cooperation and the consolidation of peace through the promotion of sports on such occasions as Judo Matches for Peace in which judo players are invited from Burundi and Rwanda.

However, a lack of facilities suited for martial arts in the DRC leaves judoka (judo practitioners) with no option but to practice outside or on a concrete floor, which has disadvantages such as the difficulty of practicing in inclement weather and inadequate safety. There are other concerns about the existing facilities, such as the limited availability of spectator seats and frequent postponements of basketball and other ball sport matches as they are held on outdoor courts. Given these circumstances, there is a need to construct an indoor sports facility with an appropriate environment, adequate capacity for local practitioners and a larger number of spectators, so that practices, matches and other activities can be organized in a safe manner without interruption.

Through the construction of the Judo and Sports Center, it is expected that the project will promote sports and youth development, contributing to the consolidation of peace in the DRC. The project will also contribute to promotion of SPORT FOR TOMORROW,* a program under which the Government of Japan promotes sports in the runup to the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

In addition to this project, JICA is implementing technical cooperation for human resource development of the National Congolese Police in the DRC, comprehensively supporting the consolidation of peace.

[Basic project information]
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Project title The Project for Construction of Judo and Sports Center
Planned implementation period 39 months, including detailed design work and the bidding period
Executing agency National Congolese Police
Target region, facilities Kinshasa Province
Specific project details (provisional) (1) Facility improvements, equipment procurement
Facilities: Sports center (multipurpose faculty primarily for judo and other martial arts)
Equipment procurement: Equipment needed for the faculty
(2) Consulting services
Detailed design work, bidding assistance, construction and procurement supervision, (as guidance in managing the facilities) support for operations and management

* SPORT FOR TOMORROW is an international contribution through sport initiative led by the Japanese government, which promotes sport to more than 10 million people in over 100 nations until 2020, the year when Tokyo will host the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. It aims to deliver values of sport and promote the Olympic and Paralympic movement to people of all generations worldwide.


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