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Press Releases

July 2, 2018

Listing of JICA Bonds on the TOKYO PRO-BOND Market —First security to be listed on the platform for Green and Social Bond—

On June 29, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) made the first listing of 25 billion yen of its Fiscal Investment and Loan Program (FILP) bonds on the TOKYO PRO-BOND Market [1], which is operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

With global efforts currently underway to fight climate change and solve social issues, there is an acceleration of green and social finance initiatives to promote fundraising in capital markets to fund projects that contribute to such efforts.

In January 2018, the Tokyo Stock Exchange opened a platform for Green and Social Bond [2] within the TOKYO PRO-BOND Market with the objective of stimulating such efforts within Japan as well.

As one means for raising capital to support sustainable development in developing countries, JICA has issued securities known as JICA bonds in the domestic market. These debt securities are currently the only Social Bonds issued by a Japanese entity, and the 25 billion yen of FILP bonds are the first to be registered to the platform for Green and Social Bond.

The TOKYO PRO-BOND Market listing will provide exposure of JICA’s international cooperation and JICA bonds to a larger number of investors, and it is expected that the movement to support developing countries will be catalyzed in the form of bond investment.

JICA and the Japan Exchange Group, which is a shareholder of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, have carried out technical cooperation toward fostering capital markets in developing countries such as Myanmar, and will continue mutual cooperation to further deepen their relationship.

・ Comments by Shinichi Kitaoka, President of JICA

・ Comments by Kohichiro Miyahara, President and CEO of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc

1: The TOKYO PRO-BOND Market is operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It aims to be accommodating and flexible for bond issuance, to improve the convenience of domestic and foreign issuing entities, investors, securities firms and other market players, and to contribute to bond market development in Japan as the market hub of Asia. Because JICA bonds are FILP bonds, which are outside the scope of Chapter II of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and do not come within the purview of a private placement for professional investors, they may be sold to any investor, including general investors.

2: The platform allows bond issuers to provide information on green and social bonds, facilitating access to such information by investors and stimulating the market.

JICA Bonds
Capital Markets Division, JICA
Telephone: 03-5226-9279E-mail: fatcm@jica.go.jp
New Listings Department, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
Telephone: 03-3666-0141 (main line)

Note: This is a general press release concerning the issuance of JICA bonds and is not intended as a solicitation for investment or construed as a solicitation for JICA bonds.


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